Inside Lewis Hamilton’s THREE homes as he celebrates his 37th birthday.


As he approaches his 37th birthday, we take a look inside Lewis Hamilton’s THREE homes.

Today is LEWIS HAMILTON’S 37th birthday, and speculation about his future with Mercedes continues to circulate.

The three homes of the Formula One legend have been examined by this website.

Over the last few weeks, speculation has swirled about Lewis Hamilton’s future plans in Formula One.

Following his shocking Abu Dhabi defeat to Max Verstappen, he has avoided extensive discussion, and officials have suggested that the sport “move on” from the dramatic events of 2021.

Hamilton has established an undeniable legacy, both on and off the track, regardless of his intentions for the coming season.

The driver, who is worth an estimated (dollar)300 million (£221 million), spends his time jetting around the world when he is not racing.

Because of his considerable wealth, he has been able to establish himself in a number of countries.

He does, however, spend a lot of time in Monte Carlo, which is famous for hosting the Monaco Grand Prix every year.

He owns luxurious properties in London and New York, in addition to his stunning Monaco home.

Hamilton considers Monte Carlo to be his “home,” and he shares this sentiment with several other drivers.

But, as with many other aspects of his life, he has kept quiet about his real estate holdings in the area.

According to previous reports, he was last seen in Fontvieille, a 50-year-old seaside ward known for its opulent homes.

According to The Sun, he was considering a 2,000 square foot duplex with four bedrooms and a view of the Seaside Plaza in 2007.

Hamilton lives in a posh London enclave, not his hometown of Stevenage.

The millionaire, then 32, was reported to have purchased a home in Kensington by the Daily Mail in 2017.

Hamilton bought one for £18 million in the west London neighborhood, which is known for having some of the city’s most expensive homes.

Christopher Bailey, Burberry’s chief designer, had previously shared the home with his actor husband, Simon Woods.

Six bedrooms, four reception rooms, and two bathrooms were acquired by the Mercedes star.

He also has a kitchen and family room that lead to a 200-foot-long garden.

According to Foxtons estate agents, the average six-bedroom house price in Kensington is currently £5,812,500.

Hamilton has property on both sides of the Atlantic, having made several investments on the east coast.

He currently resides in Manhattan, New York, where he owns a penthouse.

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