Inside a time-capsule store, with items that haven’t been touched in 50 years and prices that haven’t altered.


Inside a time-capsule store, with items that haven’t been touched in 50 years and prices that haven’t altered.

When decimalisation was adopted, shopkeeper Frank Elliott was in his 70s, and instead of revising his prices, he decided to turn his business into a time capsule.

Instead of the 100 pennies we use now, there was a time when there were 240 pennies to the pound.

In 1971, decimalisation upset the UK’s monetary system, and one business owner refused to embrace the new ways.

When it happened, shopkeeper Frank Elliott opted to turn his business into a time capsule instead of changing prices.

Frank, who was in his 70s at the time, put up a closed sign in his Cornwall store and stayed in his flat above for another 24 years.

During this period, he ate all of the canned food and drank all of the wine, but never threw anything away, according to Cornwall Live.

Instead, he cleansed tins and bottles and resealed the cardboard wrapping before displaying them downstairs in his fantasy museum.

He envisioned his museum as a site where future generations could learn about the history of shopping.

When you go inside Frank’s shop, you truly feel as if you’ve stepped back in time.

Bird’s custard powder, Rowntree’s jelly, and tins of Ambrosia rice pudding are among the brands featured in the photos.

However, you won’t find any current prices on display…

Frank’s store also sells Jiffi-jelli that is ready to eat, Vencat Madras curry powder, and Cadbury’s Bournvita malt drink.

There are also stacks of Lifebuoy, Palmolive, and Imperial Leather soaps, as well as Andrex and Bronco toilet paper.

Frank’s shop is on Lower Fore Street in Cornwall if you want to pay him a visit.

Do you want to receive all of the latest Lifestyle news in your inbox? Subscribe to the Brinkwire Hot Topics email for free. In other news, after decades of neglect, a residence has been transformed into a 1960s time capsule.

The property, which is located on an old estate in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, is on the market for £75,000 and is for sale.

Bright colors, printed wallpaper, and bold motifs were popular 80 years ago, as evidenced by photos taken inside the house.

There are traces of an old kitchen and bathroom, but they will need to be “completely modernized” before they can be used again.


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