‘Incredible!’ The Russian synchronized swimming squad astounded the commentators.


‘Incredible!’ The Russian synchronized swimming squad astounded the commentators.

Russian synchronized swimmers have astonished BBC Olympic pundits with a near-perfect performance in the pool.

Following an extraordinary exhibition on Saturday, BBC commentators Nicole Livingston and Andrea Holland were left in awe of the Russian Olympic synchronized swim team. Female swimmers competed under the Russian Olympic Committee banner at the Aquatics Centre, delivering a jaw-dropping free routine that earned them the top podium slot with a near-perfect score of 196.0979 out of a possible 200.

“Wow, they’ve kept the routine under wraps,” Ms Livingston added.

“However, it was well worth the wait.

“This was a truly breathtaking performance…so much difficulty.”

“I didn’t see any issues with synchronization.”

“I was on synchronization error watch and I didn’t notice any at all,” Ms Holland continued.

“I witnessed the Russian Olympic Committee put on a great performance.”

The Russians finished on top of the podium for the sixth time in their history.

Svetlana Romashina, the team’s standout swimmer, won the duet category earlier this week, making her the most decorated Olympian in synchronized swimming.

After participating in Japan, the four-time Olympian has shown interest in retirement.

“I can honestly say that the sixth and seventh medals were the most hardest in my life,” a tearful Gold Medalist stated.


“I became a mother, and being a mother and an athlete at the same time was quite difficult.”

She went on to say, “I accept that this will be my final Olympic Games as an athlete.”

It comes as Hassan, the Olympic World Champion, spoke to the BBC about adding a 10,000m gold medal to her hat-trick of medals at the Tokyo Olympics.

“To be honest, I was so happy it was over,” Hassan told BBC One.

“When I crossed the finish line in the 10,000m, I was just relieved to have made it; I didn’t care about winning; I was just relieved to have made it.

“The last two laps, in particular…

I was on the verge of collapsing.”


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