In tragic audio, a 6-year-old boy sobs, “No one loves me, no one will feed me.”


Before his death, a 6-year-old boy sobs, “No one loves me, no one is going to feed me.”

**WARNING – DISTURBING CONTENT** In audio played to jurors at Coventry Crown Court, six-year-old Arthur Labinjo-Hughes is heard crying “no one loves me” and “no one is going to feed me.”

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes’ harrowing audio recordings of him crying “no one loves me” and “no one is going to feed me” have been made public.

On June 17 of last year, the six-year-old died in hospital from a brain injury, one day after he was discovered injured at a house in Shirley, Solihull, West Midlands.

Shortly before his death, CCTV captured him looking frail and struggling to walk while carrying his own bedding.

His father, Thomas Hughes, 29, and his former partner, Emma Tustin, 32, are charged with his murder and are on trial at Coventry Crown Court. They both deny the charges.

According to BirminghamLive, audio recordings played to the jury were released on Tuesday (November 23).

Arthur cries out “no one loves me” four times in 23 seconds in the distressing clips.

In another audio clip, the sobbing lad says seven times in 44 seconds, “no one is going to feed me.”

The jury was told that Tustin would often message Hughes minutes after leaving the house with an audio file of Arthur crying and a text saying something to the effect of “started again” or “still going.”

During the three-month period, Tustin allegedly recorded more than 200 voice notes, according to the prosecution.

In some of them, Arthur has been heard calling out for his uncle and grandmother.

Tustin’s voice has also been heard saying “stand still” and other similar commands in other clips.

Tustin admitted to abusing Arthur by “forcing him to stand, isolating him within the family home, and physically or verbally intimidating him” on multiple occasions.

Hughes has vehemently denied a charge of the same nature.

By administering salt to Arthur between June 1 and 17, last year, the couple denies murder and a charge of child cruelty.

Both are charged with two additional counts of child cruelty, including multiple assaults and deprivation of food and/or drink, which they deny.

The trial is still going on at Coventry Crown Court.


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