In the wake of the Red Bull allegations, Mercedes has invited the FIA to examine the rear wing “as much as they want.”


In the wake of Red Bull allegations, Mercedes has invited the FIA to examine the rear wing ‘as much as they want.’

Mercedes retaliated against Red Bull after the legality of the W12’s rear wing was once again called into question.

After questions about Mercedes’ rear wing resurfaced in Qatar, trackside engineering director Andrew Shovlin says the team has “invited the FIA” to look at it as much as they want.

Red Bull claims that when driving down the straights at high speeds, the supporting surface of Mercedes’ rear wing distorts, reducing drag on the W12.

While no formal protest has been filed, Red Bull claims to be closely monitoring their main title rivals, with Max Verstappen receiving a 50,000 euro fine for inspecting the rear wing in Brazil.

Mercedes, on the other hand, claims that their car is “100% legal” following a press conference on Friday between team principals Toto Wolff and Christian Horner.

Horner told reporters, “If we believe the [Mercedes] car is not in compliance, we will protest.”

“What we saw in Mexico and Brazil in terms of straight-line speeds was not typical.”

Yes, we are aware that a new Mercedes engine provides improved performance.

“However, when you have a 27 kmh closing speed and see marks on the rear wing endplates from wing flexing, it’s very clear to us what’s been going on.”

“So how do you explain the score marks [effectively small grooves in the bodywork]on the rear wing endplates?” Horner asked his Mercedes counterpart during the press conference, alongside Wolff.

“It’s within what’s allowed, so it’s fine,” Wolff said.

Shovlin, on the other hand, refuted any claims that their back wing isn’t legal.

“We looked at it, and there aren’t any score marks,” Shovlin told Sky Sports F1.

“We’re not sure what that is, but it appears to be a story that isn’t going away.”

“We’re completely satisfied with what we’ve got on the car from our perspective.”

“We’ve invited the FIA to take as much time as they want to look into it.”

They are unconcerned about what we have.

“We’re going to every circuit and looking at the fastest wing we have, and that’s the one we’re going to bolt to the car and keep doing.”

There will, according to Red Bull’s threat.

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