In the wake of the George Russell rumours, Mercedes CEO Toto Wolff clarifies Valtteri Bottas’ position.


In the wake of the George Russell rumours, Mercedes CEO Toto Wolff clarifies Valtteri Bottas’ position.

Toto Wolff, Mercedes’ CEO, was full of praise after Valtteri Bottas’ performance at the British Grand Prix.

Toto Wolff praised Valtteri Bottas for his consistent performance in the British Grand Prix, praising the Finn for excellent third-place finishes in sprint qualifying and the race at Silverstone, as the Finn seeks a spot at Mercedes in 2022.

Bottas scored 16 points throughout the weekend as Lewis Hamilton surged to win in front of his home crowd with a remarkable comeback, boosted by Mercedes’ decision to exchange Bottas with his teammate to allow the seven-time world champion to take on Ferrari.

Despite a ten-second time penalty for colliding with his major title opponent Max Verstappen, Hamilton followed down Charles Leclerc, becoming the eighth driver to win the British Grand Prix, with Bottas finishing third.

As a result of the outcome, Mercedes cut Red Bull’s lead in both the driver and team standings, with Verstappen earning no points owing to a first-lap collision with Hamilton.

And after the race, Wolff was full of praise for Bottas, indicating that the Austrian still holds him in high respect.

“In my opinion, he had a fantastic weekend because he might have been on pole if he had a tow on Friday night, and it was obviously affecting his performance,” Wolff added.

“It’s a lot easier if you’re on a pole.

“And he was incredibly quick [in the race], he drove a really strong race, and Lewis coming from behind on that hard [tyre]was in a different dimension than everyone else on track.

“However, Valtteri was the second fastest vehicle on the track and assisted Lewis in securing the lead. Valtteri is a fantastic teammate and driver with the correct personality and character.”

Bottas has bowed to team directions on numerous occasions, while Hamilton is presently fighting for his eighth world championship.

Bottas is now eight points behind Verstappen in the driver standings, with Verstappen leading by 77 points.

“It’s quite crucial because his chances of winning the championship are statistically very limited compared to Lewis, who is very much in the fight,” Wolff said of the decision to switch drivers.

“And we’ve talked about it, and there is, as difficult as it is for a driver.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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