In the shutoutout of Spurs, Navy forward Niall Cummins hopes to impress his students


Marine striker Niall Cummins hopes to keep his schoolchildren happy as he faces Tottenham on Sunday in the third round of the FA Cup. The Northern Premier League side, who play in the eighth division of England, host the superstars of Jose Mourinho in the greatest loss in the history of the FA Cup at the Marine Travel Arena.

Cummins is a high school teacher by day, but he’ll try to take on Eric Dier, Toby Alderweireld and Davinson Sanchez this weekend. His students asked him about the upcoming challenge and sent him a list of Spurs players they would like him to face. “From the moment the match was drawn, there’s been excitement everywhere from the club and beyond to family and friends – people I’ve never spoken to are coming out of the hatch,” he said. “I’m a teacher at a secondary school in south Manchester. Every kid has put some stick in my hand, ‘do you do this to this player, do you score a goal, whose jersey do you want’. “Then you think you’re going to be a GIF at the end of the week if you do anything wrong. “On Sunday, Tottenham travels to the Marine Travel Arena (Dave Thompson/PA) “We’re an eighth-tier squad playing World Cup champions and Golden Boot winners, you don’t get that anywhere else. “Cummins admits it’s going to be an unforgettable day when the picturesque Crosby club comes to an opposing coach with Mourinho’s profile. It’s terrifying, it’s amazing, to have Jose Mourinho here, when you see his CV,”Having Jose Mourinho here, when you see his CV, it’s scary, it’s unbelievable,” “But he is a born winner and that will be our downfall, he will come here wanting to win. We’ve all seen him run 10 or 15 yards to the fourth official, and when he does that here, he’s going to be on the center line, we only have one yard of sideline. “The outstanding story of the unforgettable Marine FA Cup run so far has been goalkeeper Bayleigh Passant going to the shop to buy some celebration. In this game, that will not be an issue, as Budweiser has donated a fridge full of beer that has taken pride of place in the locker room of the home team. After the game, Coach Neil Young hopes to share a drink with Mourinho, even though it is already a wonderful moment to face him. “Sitting opposite Jose in the dressing room is incredible for our soccer club,” he said. “It’s unbelievable to get Tottenham into the third round of the FA Cup. “Marine manager Neil Young, pictured next to Cummins, hopes to have a beer on Sunday (Dave Thompson/PA) with Jose Mourinho. “He’s a world-class manager, his record and his CV speak for themselves. To be able to manage against Jose is a really proud moment. “It’s a proud moment to launch our little soccer team. That we can’t have fans there is our greatest disappointment. The club has sold virtual tickets with the game now being played behind closed doors and Budweiser is providing every Marine season ticket holder with a free beer.


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