In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, LTA reports a 20 million pound support package


A multi-million pound package of increased funding and initiatives to help those involved in UK tennis through the effects of the current COVID-19 crisis has been revealed today by THE LTA.

In consultation with Tennis Scotland and Tennis Wales, the comprehensive package, established by the LTA, will provide additional funding for tennis facilities, coaches, officials and players worth up to approximately £ 20 million, with the goal of ensuring that tennis in the United Kingdom emerges as strong and safe as possible from this time and that the sport can resume its unique function of sustaining it.

The funding and assistance will assist those most impacted by the pandemic, many of whom have seen their revenue sources decline while also having to pay bills and support families. The emphasis is on maintaining the sport’s grassroots, but steps have also been taken to help British professional tennis players and coaches, including financial grants for some lower-ranking players who rely on minimal prize money from the tournament to continue playing the sport.

It fits into an existing investment and support program that, as part of its plan to continue to expand tennis and open it up to many more people, the LTA provided both during and after the pandemic.

The first priority at this time is the health and well-being of everyone, and our thoughts are with those affected by the coronavirus, said Scott Lloyd, LTA executive director. Our sport is far from immune from its consequences, and this pandemic has the potential to seriously threaten the continued future growth of tennis. We know that many tennis players in the United Kingdom are worried about their fu fu in the UK.

Yeah, from @the LTA, this is nice.
—April 3, 2020 -Judy Murray (@JudyMurray)

We hope that all of them will be able to work under COVID-19 by integrating this new bundle and by continuing our current support. Via events such as our LTA Youth Program, we want them all to do their part in achieving our common vision of opening tennis to many more people to get the next generation excited about tennis and our digital platform, LTA Rally, which will help people easily find and book tennis courts and activities.

The LTA is committed to making substantial cuts to support the new package and to redistributing those funds from its reserves. The organization has also introduced plans to furlough its workers, as existing policies on social distancing and venue closure make it increasingly impossible for the LTA to provide a regular level of activity. All furloughed employees would earn a raise in th

The LTA has held frequent meetings with the government over the past few weeks and will continue to do so, detailing the issues facing the sport and promoting self-employee assistance and clarification on insurance regulations.

The measures announced by the Chancellor in support of enterprises and self-employed persons are very welcome, and the additional support now given by the LTA is intended to supplement these measures.


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