In the event that George Russell joins Lewis Hamilton, Nicholas Latifi delivers a message to Williams.


In the event that George Russell joins Lewis Hamilton, Nicholas Latifi delivers a message to Williams.

In the event that Russell replaces Valtteri Bottas at Mercedes, his present teammate has stressed the need of patience.

Nicholas Latifi has spoken out about the possibility of George Russell being replaced at Williams, amid rumors concerning the Englishman’s future. Latifi and Russell had a terrific race at the Hungarian Grand Prix, earning championship points for both of them.

Russell is presently the favorite to succeed Valtteri Bottas at Mercedes and join Lewis Hamilton for the 2022 season. If he were to go, Latifi’s next driving partner at Williams would have to be decided, and the Canadian has given his opinion on the type of competitor who would best suit the team’s needs.

“Obviously, speed and being quick is one of the most important things,” Latifi said, “but I think you have to have someone who understands it’s still a rebuilding phase.”

“Williams is on the right track to becoming more competitive and involved in the fight. I believe that, as much as everyone hopes and believes that there will be a large spike next year, it may not be as big as we want.”

Russell and Latifi’s points in Budapest were the team’s first since the 2019 German Grand Prix, and their first double points finish since the 2018 Italian Grand Prix.

“I’m definitely hoping for a significant jump next year, but it might not be,” Latifi concluded. Maybe that’s not the best thing to do if you have a driver that hopes to win the championship or races next year.”

With the introduction of new criteria aimed to encourage more overtakes and closer racing in the 2022 season, Formula 1 cars are likely to undergo a metamorphosis.

When it comes to driver-team connections, Latifi believes that such a shift in mechanics will necessitate a specific mentality. “You need someone who can work with the engineers on the track and the engineers back at the factory in the appropriate way to guide them in the correct approach, because obviously it’s a new generation of car,” he said.

“That will be rather different from what we’ve been used to in recent years. So, with a clear head, “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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