In the build-up to Liverpool, Roy Keane and Micah Richards have a spat over Man City defender Kyle Walker.


In the build-up to Liverpool, Roy Keane and Micah Richards have a spat over Man City defender Kyle Walker.

Before Liverpool’s match against Manchester City, Roy Keane and Jamie Carragher had a spat.

Roy Keane has increased his criticism of Manchester City defender Kyle Walker, alleging that the England international continues to make too many errors. Last season, Keane slammed the 31-year-old, calling him a “car crash.”

Keane has let rip once more ahead of City’s Premier League encounter against Liverpool at Anfield.

“You know, that’s his job,” Keane explained. “The defenders’ job is to stop you from running back.

“I’ve previously criticized him for making too many mistakes and relying on his speed to keep him out of trouble, but he’s had a very successful career, and it’s his speed that keeps him out of a lot of problems.

“He’s had a fantastic career and I’m sure there’s a lot more to come from him, but he lacks attention and makes far too many mistakes.”

Walker’s biggest rival for the right-back spot, ex-City defender Michah Richard, backed his former teammate.

“When people say his speed gets him out of trouble, if you’re a number 10 and you utilize your wits, you’re playing to your strengths,” Richards explained.

“Look at Man City pushing forward; he’s always there when they try to counter-attack.

“I’ve seen him improve from when I was pushing him for that right-back slot to when he was at Spurs – he was a headless chicken at times, but his game has progressed dramatically.

“I understand the errors he made at times, and I’d rank him among the top three full-backs in the world right now.”

When it came to Walker, Jamie Carragher sided with Richards over Keane.

He stated, ” “You’re referring to his team’s recovery speed; Man City has a lot of the ball, and he’s fantastic.

“If someone counters them, he doesn’t even fly forward; instead, he plays as a centre-back.

“I believe Roy is referring to the fact that while he is physically gifted, he can lose focus and fail to be present for the team, but it does keep him out of trouble.

“But I admire him; he’s a wonderful player who plays right-back for England.

“Man City and Pep Guardiola had the financial means to buy any right-back in the world, and they chose Kyle Walker, bringing in Cancelo but continuing to play him in every game.

“Whenever you think about your squad,” says Brinkwire “..


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