In his explanation of the helmet design for the Qatar Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton raises some “big issues.”


In his explanation of the helmet design for the Qatar Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton raises some “big issues.”

In Qatar, Lewis Hamilton’s fight for equality and diversity is still going strong.

Lewis Hamilton has explained the “big issues” surrounding the need for a rainbow-themed helmet after receiving praise for “an incredible act of allyship” while wearing one during the Qatar Grand Prix weekend.

The Progress Pride flag was emblazoned on the seven-time world champion’s helmet in support of the LGBTQ(plus) community, as the 36-year-old sought to draw attention to human rights issues.

Sexual acts between people of the same sex are prohibited in Qatar and are punishable by prison sentences or, in some cases, death.

Hamilton said on Thursday that sports that visit these areas have a “duty” to raise awareness about the issues and that the areas “need scrutiny,” adding that “equal rights is a serious issue.”

“For months now, I’ve been trying to think, I’ve been thinking about these last three races and the location and trying to educate myself on also the issues that we’re surrounded by here, and they’re not small, they’re big issues,” the Mercedes driver said when asked why he wore the helmet by Sky Sports F1.

“I’ve been trying to figure out what I can do because I’m only one person, and I believe the sport and all of the drivers and athletes together can accomplish more.”

“And in the last race, I finally came up with the idea, and I was able to get my helmet painter to send me a clip of this image with the flag over my helmet in a very short amount of time, and I was like, that’s what I want for the next race.”

So, do you think you can pull it off?

“He made it happen, and the positive response has been incredible.”

“I haven’t spoken to anyone from the community, but one of my team members sent me a message saying it meant a lot to them.”

“So I hope it draws attention to it and sparks discussion; I hope the kids here and anyone else who is watching will ask what the flag is and why I’m wearing it if they don’t know.”

“I hope it inspires positive dialogue and change.”

Richard Morris, co-founder of Racing Pride, a charity that promotes LGBTQ(plus) inclusivity in the motorsport industry, told the PA news agency that the gesture “fills me with joy.”

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