In a weird event, an Olympic wrestler bites an opponent and still loses his gold medal dreams.


In a weird event, an Olympic wrestler bites an opponent and still loses his gold medal dreams.

Nurislam Sanayev did everything he could to beat Indian wrestler Ravi Dahiya.

In his match against Ravi Dahiya, Olympic wrestler Nurislam Sanayev used considerably nastier methods, biting the Indian star. Sanayev appeared to have the upper hand in their 57kg semi-final.

Going into the final three minutes of the match, the Kazakh grappler had a dominant 9-2 advantage.

Sanayev couldn’t find a way out of danger, but Dahiya turned the fight around spectacularly.

Sanayev’s eagerness to get away was so strong that he bit Dahiya on the arm.

The event was captured on ringside cameras, and the damage was obvious when Sanayev was released.

As he appealed to the referee, a large teeth mark was visible on Dahiya’s bicep.

However, Dahiya quickly refocused in order to complete his comeback in the final stages.

With a stunning takedown in the final seconds, he clinched his spot in the gold-medal match.

“I had no business allowing that much advantage against Sanayev,” Dahiya stated afterwards. It does not satisfy me.

“I have some unfinished business to take care of. I came here with a goal in mind, which I haven’t yet achieved (winning gold).”

In the final, though, Dahiya was unable to repeat his exploits against incumbent world champion Zavur Uguev.

After losing 7-4 against Uguev, the 23-year-old was awarded a silver medal, although he was sad that he did not win gold.

“I gave it my all, but I made a few errors. He stated, “I will train harder so that I can make my country proud even more.”

“Perhaps I was only good enough for silver this time; in Paris, I’ll aim for gold.

“I didn’t come to Tokyo expecting to win a silver medal. It isn’t going to satisfy me.

“Perhaps I just deserved silver this time because Uguev was a superior wrestler today. I was unable to achieve my goals.

“He had a great sense of style. I couldn’t figure out how to play my game. I’m not sure what else I could have done. He was a shrewd wrestler.”


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