In a Max Verstappen boost, Fernando Alonso snubbed Lewis Hamilton’s 2022 benefit.


In a Max Verstappen boost, Fernando Alonso snubbed Lewis Hamilton’s 2022 benefit.

The Spaniard believes that the technical rule modifications set to take effect next season will not assist those with more Formula One expertise than others.

Fernando Alonso has disputed the notion that the technical rule changes coming into effect in Formula One next season will favor older drivers over the sport’s younger stars. The notion is predicated on the return of designs that enhance ‘ground effect,’ which were previously employed to increase downforce in older F1 vehicles but were outlawed for safety reasons in recent years.

It’s one of several modifications to the 2022 vehicles, including the addition of underfloor tunnels to “enable teams to generate enormous amounts of efficient downforce.”

For the current design of the cars, “when vortices stop working – for example, due to the influence of closely following another car – the performance drop-off is substantial,” according to F1.

Every driver on the grid will have to adjust to the new situation, however some of the more seasoned racers may be better accustomed to using ground effect than their younger counterparts.

However, given the retirement of Kimi Raikkonen, Alonso, who will be the most experienced driver on the field next season, does not believe that he and his fellow F1 veterans would profit more than anybody else from the new car designs.

“I don’t believe it will make a difference,” the Spaniard stated emphatically.

“To be honest, I believe it will come down to our cars’ performance, work in the simulator, and work during the winter tests.”

He did warn, though, that the redesign of the 2022 cars means the drivers would have a lot more work to do in preparation for the new campaign than usual.

“I don’t think it’ll make a major difference in terms of adjusting,” Alonso continued.

“It’s just hard work, or more work than any previous winter,” says the coach. “We’ll have to spend more time in the simulator and with the team.”

It implies Lewis Hamilton will have no advantage over his less experienced title challenger Max Verstappen next season, according to the Spaniard.

The two have been locked in a tight race for the 2021 championship, with only two points separating them. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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