In a hilarious zorb football match, Jamie Carragher labeled Gary Neville a “coward.”


In a hilarious zorb football match, Jamie Carragher labeled Gary Neville a “coward.”

Jamie Carragher, a Liverpool icon, once called Gary Neville a coward for refusing to come off his goal line during a hysterical zorb football duel.

The pair were appearing as analysts for a Friday night match between Norwich and Watford at Carrow Road in 2019 – and before the game, they played a lighthearted bit of ‘zorb’ football.

Although Neville won 2-1, it was his amusing comment with the score tied at 1-1 that drew the attention of the footballing world.

“Oh come on, you coward,” the ex-Liverpool defender yelled at Neville, who stood firm in his stance.

Carragher attempted to chip his colleague after shouting out the Manchester United great.

After colliding with Carragher on multiple occasions, it was Neville who was able to lift the ball over the goalkeeper and into the net.

“Not good enough Kelly [it]certainly wasn’t, and we’re going to look at it immediately,” Carragher said, amusingly breaking down the match for Sky Sports fans.

“I win the first challenge, but I become too emotional because I’m afraid of knocking Gary into the stand again, and I’m too high and don’t go low enough, and I end up on my backside.”

Which Sky Sports commentators are your favorites? Let us know what you think in the comments area. Watford followed in Neville’s footsteps and won their opening game of the 2019/20 season later that evening.

Gerard Deulofeu’s goal after 76 seconds and Andre Gray’s goal put the game out of Norwich’s reach.

It was the Hornets’ first win of the season, and the victory helped them climb out of last place in the table.


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