‘I’m a 39-year-old mother of three; many don’t believe me because I appear so youthful,’ she says.


Mum-of-three May left her fans jealous when she flaunted her amazing figure in a tight “cat suit” – many refused to believe that she gave birth to two daughters and a boy

A woman impressed fans with her age-defying looks after revealing herself as a “hot mum of three”.

May, who lives in Chicago, went viral when her husband shared a video of her hugging her three children.

The 39-year-old shows off her amazing body in a black figure-hugging “cat suit” as she walks downstairs to greet her kids.

They give her a hug before she heads outside for a boxing training session.

Other videos show her at-home workouts, where she flexes her muscles and shows off her strength.

Many viewers were surprised when they found out she is 39 years old and has three children.

One wrote: “Oh my God, you can’t be 39 years old.”

“39? Looks like 19 to me!” another added. “You’re a hot mama.”

But a viewer commented: “You look great, marvellous.

“But I don’t know why it feels like your kids were a little confused. I don’t know, it was a bit weird to watch…”

May replied: “They were in their playroom and weren’t expecting to see mommy all dressed up so they were surprised. Sorry, but there’s nothing weird about it.”

The mum said she exercises regularly to keep herself in shape – even after giving birth.

“I started working out at 22 years old on and off,” she added, posting videos of herself squatting, boxing and other high-intensity interval training workouts.

In other news, a young mum-of-two was mortified by her boyfriend’s comment when she tried on a new gym tights.

Former Big Brother star Skye Maree Wheatley-Young put on a pale green stretchy leggings and asked for her boyfriend’s “honest opinions”.

But she was shocked when he said the leggings will get “everybody in the gym starting at your a**” and told her: “You might as well get naked.”

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