If Dillian Whyte defeats Otto Wallin, he will face five opponents, including a grudge bout between Tyson Fury and Andy Ruiz Jr.


If Dillian Whyte defeats Otto Wallin, he will face five opponents, including a grudge bout between Tyson Fury and Andy Ruiz Jr.

DILLIAN WHYTE is only one fight away from defending his WBC heavyweight title.

For nearly 1,000 days, the British challenger was their No. 1 ranked challenger, yet he never got his shot at the belt.

However, a victory over Otto Wallin will make Whyte a WBC mandatory for Tyson Fury’s belt, which he successfully defended against Deontay Wilder last weekend.

In principle, If Whyte defeats Wallin, he should face Fury next, but there are still challenges to overcome.

The Gypsy King is only one of the Body Snatcher’s many mega-fights, which SunSport has compiled here.

The winner of Whyte and Wallin will face Fury, who knocked out Wilder in round 11 of their trilogy match.

Whyte has had a long-running dispute with the Gypsy King, with the two – who sparred in their early days – battling online.

It’s a spectacular collision of styles, and the build-up alone is worth the pay-per-view price.

They are, however, represented by opposing promotions and television networks, making a fight pact a formality.

If Fury, 33, is not available after October 30, Mexican-American Ruiz, 32, is an excellent alternative.

Last year, the two came close to fighting but couldn’t agree on conditions, with Whyte, 33, facing Alexander Povetkin, 42, twice and Ruiz defeating Chris Arreola, 40.

Despite his loss in the rematch against Anthony Joshua in 2019, Ruiz remains a major player in the heavyweight division.

The combination of his quick hands and Whyte’s aggression and power makes for a fascinating match-up.

This domestic rematch will always be a tempting proposition for both, even if it is unlikely.

Whyte defeated Joshua, 31, in the amateurs in 2009, but lost the rematch in the pros six years later.

They were supposed to fight again in 2019, but plans fell through, leaving a trilogy decider on the table.

Since then, the two have developed mutual respect for one another, but it won’t stop them from settling the score in a major British showdown.

Years of Whyte being passed over for the WBC title held by Wilder at the time has developed a great deal of resentment between the two.

Massive fights are likely to keep the Bronze Bomber, 35, eager to keep boxing.

He has already expressed a desire to clear the air with Whyte, who is more than willing to do so.

Whyte’s primary priority would be Fury, but Wilder might be a close second.

Whyte’s aspirations of winning the world title will be dashed… Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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