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‘I was fearing my body shutting down’: Grigor Dimitrov opens up on contracting coronavirus

Grigor Dimitrov has described the experience of having coronavirus as ‘fearing my body shutting down’.

Dimitrov tested positive for Covid-19 during Novak Djokovic’s widely ridiculed Adria Tour event in Belgrade in June.

The event came under scrutiny after videos emerged which showed players partying and not following social distancing guidelines.

Dimitrov was also pictured playing basketball with Djokovic in the days leading up to the tournament in Serbia. 

The Bulgarian apologised at the time for his actions and has since reiterated how serious the situation was as he contemplates whether he will play in the US Open at the end of this month. 

‘This thing is real,’ Dimitrov told Sky Sports. ‘The virus and how everything is handled. The toughest part is that we just don’t know. For everyone, not only for athletes. The uncertainty is what gets you the most.

‘I was active all my life and then suddenly I was forced to be shut down, just physically, so it’s like you’re taking my wings away but somehow I found a way to try and understand what is going on and the more I thought about it things are happening at a basic rate so if we are careful, we do the right things, things will be alright we have to absolutely respect the process of what is going on.’

The 29-year-old is unsure about attending the US Open in New York, which is due to start on August 31.

Last year’s winner Rafael Nadal withdrew from the tournament on Tuesday night, stating that he would ‘rather not travel’.

Dimitrov, who is yet to make a decision, said: ‘Right now, I’m very uncertain, I’ll be completely honest. 

‘I thought about it and I keep thinking about it every single day. I feel like there are so many questions I have to ask and there are so few answers. 

‘I’ve had it, so I know what it is. For Europeans, it’s hard because you have got to travel about 12 hours to get to New York and take a couple of planes, then get to a hotel, and the bubble is a bubble, but I mean statistically we’re like over a thousand people in the same place and it’s just not easy.

‘I hope nobody gets it but if somebody gets it things are going to look a little more complicated. Even if we have agreements from governments with quarantine and everything, we just never know what will happen from one day to another so it puts a lot of limitations on the schedule and yourself because you want to complete.’

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