How much will Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul earn after their fight in Miami?


How much will Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul earn after their fight in Miami?

This weekend in Miami, US boxing great Floyd Mayweather will face TV personality Logan Paul.

Floyd Mayweather, a former multiple world champion boxer, returns to the ring this weekend for an exhibition match. At the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, the 44-year-old will battle YouTube celebrity Logan Paul.

After confirming his desire to continue his boxing career, Paul challenged Mayweather to a fight before the end of 2020.

Despite Mayweather’s rejection of the initial bout and the original date being pushed out from February because to COVID-19, the stage is now set for June 6.

Organizers have decided on an eight-round battle, with each round lasting no more than three minutes, and a judging panel scheduled to confirm the winner if no knockout blow is landed.

Mayweather’s first ringside appearance since his third retirement — in which he returned to defeat opponent Conor McGregor in 2017 – and his second exhibition bout since his third retirement.

After earning an unprecedented £210 million ($280 million) from the McGregor fight, the Michigan-born fighter has publicly boasted about how much money he expects to make from the battle.

In his pre-fight press conference, Mayweather remarked, “I can fight a guy right now and guarantee myself $35 million.”

“For just a standard battle, I can definitely make $50 million.”

“Or me and Logan Paul can go out, entertain, have a good time, and make a million dollars or more.”

Despite Mayweather’s claims that the battle may net him a pre-determined sum of $100 million, the final amount is projected to be significantly greater as the match’s hype grows.

We look at what each boxer is expected to earn for a single night’s labor in Miami at Express Sport.

Paul has been promised a base fee of around £175,000 ($250,000) for the fight, but that amount is expected to rise dramatically depending on PPV viewership.

The fight will cost £16.95 in the United Kingdom, and £35 ($49.99) in the United States.

According to early pre-fight projections, the TV prize pool may be worth up to £141 million ($200 million), with Paul guaranteed roughly £14 million ($20 million) based on his 10% share.

After his promotional team negotiated a multi-million-dollar package before agreeing to the bout, Mayweather’s portion will be much larger.

Before he even starts, his base wage is established at £7 million ($10 million). “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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