How far is a player who has seen red for a professional foul from the goal?


Plus: record-breaking flops in the Champions League, winning a match without scoring, and poor champions in the league.

“What is the furthest from goal sending off for a professional foul?”What is the furthest from the goal of sending off a professional foul?

We instantly thought of Ole Gunnar Solskjær cynically taking down Rob Lee of Newcastle at Old Trafford in 1998, but when Lee’s shin was actually touched by the Norwegian, it was only about 30 yards away from the goal. So what about that surprising 1991 League Cup quarterfinal decision, when Southampton’s Jimmy Case was shipped off early after bringing down Bryan Robson, not exactly known for his blistering speed, a solid 40 yards away from the goal with two defenders behind him? Referees had been told earlier in the season to be stricter in penalizing fouls that thwart a straightforward scoring opportunity, and they probably didn’t quite know what that meant in this situation.

When Aberdeen’s Michael Devlin was issued his marching orders for a foul about 45 yards from goal in September 2018, another example suggested that officials still have issues several years later.

BBC Sport Schottland
Aberdeen can’t overturn the red card of Michael Devlin against Kilmarnock. Your thoughts?

The 5th of September, 2018

There’s a possible winner in Simon Kaplan. “I would suggest Gary Cahill, who played for Bolton against Tottenham in December 2011,” he writes. “He got a red card (which was overturned on appeal) for denying Scott Parker a ‘clear goal-scoring opportunity’ by taking him out about five yards inside the Bolton half.” In his post-match rant, Owen Coyle measured it for us:

It has to be a straightforward goalscoring chance if you comprehend the terms. Scott Parker is a great player, but with his left foot he touched the ball and went down the wing, 50 yards from the target. In the centre, we had Zat Knight, and other defenders coming back.

If video proof is to be believed, 50 yards after he knocked over Marouane Chamakh at Crystal Palace in 2013, Mikel Arteta can equal that. Arsène Wenger protested, “He was far from the goal, it was an accidental foul, he was not the last man,”

Arsenal did not appeal, but there was a red card.

Is United the Champions League flop with the highest scores?
“Has any club scored as many goals in the Champions League group stage as Manchester United did this year (15) and failed to qualify for the knockout stages?” Tim Leehan wonders.

Yorben Geerinckx did the hard work for us as we finished off the last few quality streets. “If I’m right, this has only happened twice,” he says. In the 2012/13 season, when Chelsea scored 16 goals and earned 10 points, the same amount as Shakhtar Donetsk, the first time was in the 2012/13 season. In the matches between the two teams, the Ukrainian team advanced because they scored more away goals. Future Chelsea player Willian scored two goals at Stamford Bridge in a 3-2 defeat, which was enough to advance after a 2-1 home victory.

“Last season was the second time.

Erling Braut Haaland was introduced to the world by RB Salzburg and also scored 16 goals.

Liverpool won the group and Salzburg finished five points behind runners-up Napoli and advanced to the Europa League, where Eintracht Frankfurt eliminated them in the last 32.
The same examples were dug up by Paul Moran and some new ones came up. “In reviewing 27 years of Champions League group stages, I found that in Group D of the 2005-06 competition, surprisingly, in the 12 games, there were only 12 goals.” The highest-scoring encounters were the two 2-1 results. Incredibly, despite scoring just once, Lille managed to secure six points and third place (and thus join the Uefa Cup), thanks to an excellent defense that only allowed two goals.” Maybe Jorge Valdano was right about that particular European soccer era.”

“Back to Paul, anyway. “Has any other competition in the group stage (or even an entire competition) had a goal rate of less than one goal per game? Or has any team had a lower number of goals per game (scored + conceded) in any group stage/competition than 0.5 in Lille? ”
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No shots at the goal, no problem,
With just one shot on target, Portsmouth won 2-0 at Hull and it did not come from Pompey (there were two own goals),” writes Eddy Reynolds. “Is that a record? ”
Nope and Nope


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