Holly Willoughby is taking a break from This Morning to star in a new BBC show.


Holly Willoughby will take a break from This Morning to appear in a new BBC series.

Holly Willoughby has been given a two-and-a-half week break from ITV’s This Morning in order to co-host BBC’s Wim Hof’s Superstar Survival with comedian Lee Mack.

ITV bosses have given Holly Willoughby permission to take a two-and-a-half-week break from This Morning in order for her to film a new BBC show.

According to The Sun, the 40-year-old presenter will fly to Southern Europe on January 17 to co-host Wim Hof’s Superstar Survival alongside comedian Lee Mack, 53.

Holly is set to co-host ITV’s Sunday night prime-time dance show with Phillip Schofield, 59, the day after she appears on the premiere episode of Dancing on Ice.

She’ll also fly back to the UK on weekends to continue appearing on Dancing on Ice with Phillip.

This news came after Holly sent out a mysterious message to her fans about “new beginnings.”

Holly and Phillip were expected to return to This Morning last Monday, but the star is currently enjoying some time away from the show.

Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary took their place for the week.

Holly and Phillip will be back on the show tomorrow, January 10.

As she savored the last few days of her vacation, Holly posted on Instagram, “maybe it’s time to press pause.”

“New year… new beginnings… maybe it’s time to press pause, jump off the treadmill, stop running and hiding and sit with yourself,” Holly captioned her recent Instagram post.

“Get to know who you really are, what you like, what your passions are… writing this book was a real process for me… it had to be written and I feel the benefit… hope you enjoy it too… link in bio (hashtag)reflections.”

Last year, Holly released her first book, Reflections.

The mother-of-three also teased fans recently by sharing a rare glimpse into her A-list lifestyle as she relaxed and unwinded at home with a relaxing and therapeutic pedicure.

Holly joked that her beautician had a “little helper” after her adorable dog Bailey sat beside her in the Instagram post, implying that her pooch’s paws were next.

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