Her golden retriever gives her a ‘death stare’ as she returns home smelling like another dog.


Her golden retriever gives her a ‘death stare’ as she returns home smelling like another dog.

Chester gave his mother a disapproving look, but his grumpy expression melted the hearts of viewers online.

According to the owner, her dog acted human-like at times.

After smelling another dog on his owner’s mother, a golden retriever pulled up a grumpy face, which made his owner laugh out loud.

Chester, the four-year-old fluffball, went viral on TikTok with a sensational expression dubbed the “subtle moment he looks into your soul.”

“It’s always exciting to see one of his videos go viral, and I enjoy seeing people’s reactions,” the owner told Brinkwire.

“He made me laugh while simultaneously making my heart explode.”

The dramatic dog is seen leaning against the wall and a glass panel in the video, giving his mother “death stares,” according to viewers.

Chester puts on a “resting old man face” and huffs through his nose as he refuses to move an inch from the corner.

While the background music plays the line “you’re still a traitor,” he looks up and stares into his mother’s eyes.

“When mum comes home smelling like another dog,” says the overlay text.

The video has 5.7 million views, and many fans have urged Chester’s mother to “apologize” and “encourage” him.

“Go give him kisses and apologise to that sad, cute face,” one suggested.

“Oh no, you broke his heart!” wrote another. “Hurry up and give him treats to make him feel better.”

“He has resting old man face, but this one was extra frowny,” Chester’s mother told this website.

I love how expressive he is and how he looks like the sad emoji.

“He has a lot of personality, and he acts like a human at times.”

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She also admitted that the jealousy was all in good fun.

“I was working late that night, and Chester was just looking at me with a frown on his face, letting me know he didn’t approve,” she explained.

“Every now and then, he’ll throw in a disapproving huff.”

“In reality, he’s intrigued by the smell.

He’ll still be excited to greet me if I come home smelling like another dog, but I might get a few extra sniffs!”


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