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Harry Redknapp launches passionate defence of Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe despite relegation

Harry Redknapp has launched a passionate defence of Eddie Howe following Bournemouth’s relegation from the Premier League, claiming the manager has performed miracles in the last five years.

Redknapp, who lives in the town and managed the club from 1972-1976, said he was shocked to hear fans calling for Howe to leave after taking the club down to the second tier of English football.

Speaking on The Gary Newbon Sports show with Jewson, the former Tottenham boss said Cherries fans need to appreciate the job their manager has done.

He said: ‘I see people down here now talking, I went to the coffee shop this morning to get a coffee and there’s a couple of blokes there at 7.30 this morning going “yeah I think we need a change, I think Eddie’s got to go.”

‘Eddie’s got to go? I said he has pulled off the greatest miracle. 

‘You don’t understand, this club was 100 years never in the division in the Championship, I thought that was a miracle getting to the Championship.

‘He’s took them to the Premier and he’s kept them there for five years. 

‘He’s had injuries this year, luck didn’t quite go their way at the end, one or two decisions cost them dearly. 

‘But the man’s done a miracle. How can they even talk about Eddie should go? I find it amazing.’

Howe, 42, has won three promotions with Bournemouth. He took the club into League One in 2010 before leaving to takeover at Burnley.

He returned to the south coast in 2012, winning promotion from the third tier in the same season before earning promotion to the Premier League in the 2014-2015 campaign.

His success at Bournemouth saw him linked with clubs such as Arsenal and Everton but an official approach was never made. 

Redknapp said he believes Howe will stay at the club but thinks they could be in trouble if Russian owner Maxim Demin decides to leave.

‘I think he (Howe) will stay. He’s a Bournemouth boy, he lives here, he loves the club. If anyone is gonna get them back up. 

‘The two keys are him and the owner. The owner is just as key as Eddie, the Russian, Max. 

‘If he goes then they could be in trouble because he’s the man with the money.

‘Suddenly Bournemouth is not a proposition to buy. Buying Bournemouth in the Championship, an 11,000 capacity stadium, it’s not like buying Aston Villa or buying Birmingham even. 

‘Bournemouth is an 11,000 capacity with no history of being a top club apart from this last five years with Eddie. 

‘So if the owner got cold feet we would be in massive trouble.’

 Harry Redknapp was speaking about his career on The Gary Newbon Sports with Jewson

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