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Harry Maguire was arrested by undercover police from mainland Greece drafted in to target organised crime on Mykonos

HARRY Maguire was arrested by top undercover cops drafted from mainland Greece to target organised crime on Mykonos.

The detectives were on the holiday island to monitor drug dealing and protection rackets when they were called in to help detain the England defender.

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It emerged on Saturday they were specially trained in anti-corruption and bribery — an accusation levelled at the Man United skipper, 27.

Maguire feared he was being kidnapped when the plain clothes men pounced.

It followed a row sparked when Harry’s pals said two Albanians had injected his sister Daisy, 20, with a drug as they waited for a minibus in the Fabrika area.

The police, we can reveal, were among a team of 120 sent in to grapple with the seedier side of Mykonos, dubbed the “new Ibiza”.

The island — population 15,000 — attracts three million tourists a year and organised crime gangs who traffic drugs and offer prostitutes.

Athens police HQ first sent in its best men two years ago when the criminals got “out of control”.

Veteran Greek crime reporter Giorgos Sombolos said: “Mykonos is a paradise for anyone who wants to spend money. It’s a show-off town, and a perfect place to launder cash.

“It’s also the place for serious high-end criminals.”

The day before Maguire’s arrest, cops busted an illegal lockdown party and seized kilos of “pink cocaine”, a synthetic drug similar to MDMA and popular with clubbers.

Maguire received a 21-month suspended sentence after he was convicted of attempted bribery, assault, verbal assault and attacking cops.

A source close to the player said: “If these are anti-corruption police, what are they doing being called to an incident outside a bar? 

“Harry has said these are the cops who were aggressive.

“The whole thing is a fit-up and this just shows that.”

Maguire’s brother Joe, 28, and pal Chris Sharman, 29, got 13-month suspended sentences for similar offences.

All have appealed and are “presumed innocent” until they face a retrial.

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