Harry Maguire, the captain of Manchester United, admits that he is ‘angry’ in response to Gary Neville and others.


As captain Harry Maguire responds to Gary Neville and others, he admits that the Manchester United stars are ‘angry.’

MANCHESTER UNITED has slipped to seventh place in the Premier League.

Manchester United defender Harry Maguire has admitted that the Red Devils’ players are frustrated after their latest defeat to Wolves.

United were beaten 1-0 by the Black Country side at home on Monday, dropping to seventh in the Premier League table.

The 13-time Premier League champions have been chastised in recent weeks for their poor results.

Gary Neville slammed them after they drew with Newcastle last month, and other former players have also slammed them.

“They haven’t done a single thing right as a team, and no single player can go in and say they’ve done their jobs, or even done themselves justice,” Neville said after United’s defeat at St James’ Park.

“There were no bright spots.”

Not a single thing.

“They’re squabbling with each other.”

They’re all whiners.

They’re all whiners.

“Watch them on that pitch with their arms in the air, whining about everything.”

After Wolves’ Joao Moutinho scored the game’s winning goal, Neville took to Twitter.

“This isn’t good.

“It’s not true,” the former right-back wrote.

Rio Ferdinand has also expressed concern about United’s chances of finishing in the top four, joining a number of other former players in criticizing the club’s current situation.

United captain Maguire believes the criticism leveled at the players is justified, and he acknowledges that he must assist the team in turning its fortunes around.

“I’ve seen a lot of criticism,” the England international said, “and a lot of it is absolutely correct.”

“This team, in my opinion, should not require criticism to motivate its members.

“Something is wrong if players of this caliber aren’t motivated to play for this club when they put on the shirt.”

“We understand what fans and ex-players have said.

As I previously stated, much of it is justified, and we must all bear a significant amount of blame.

“We’re all enraged.

We want to give it our all, which has undoubtedly shown on the field.

“However, despite what others may say, the team spirit is strong.

“As a professional footballer, you have to take criticism in stride and respond appropriately.

“We know that if we can string together a string of good results, the rest will take care of itself.”

“Having an ‘us versus the world’ mentality can be beneficial at times.

“I have a lot of knowledge.

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