Graham Potter says he finds it difficult to cope with feedback from fans of Brighton.


Brighton manager Graham Potter admits that he finds it difficult to deal with fan criticism and maintains that he doesn’t pay attention to social media as it would be “dangerous” to do so. After a disastrous 2020 that yielded just five Premier League wins, Potter has come under growing pressure from parts of the Albion fanbase, especially online.

During that time, the Seagulls have managed just one home win in the top flight and are hovering dangerously above the relegation zone ahead of the start of the New Year against Wolves on Saturday. I recognize that people can have a different view, as long as the findings are what they are, and I appreciate that. “That’s soccer, that’s life, we’re not all going to agree,” Potter said. “It’s hard when you’re criticized by people from your own club, I think. It’s hard. But that’s what you have to appreciate, because they care about the club, they want to do well, and it’s fair. “I don’t go on social media – I think that’s quite dangerous for someone in my position. “Of course, I answer questions from you (the media) and you get a sense of the story. You have to consider for every criticism: is it fair? Is it unfair? Is it well-founded? Or is it just an opinion? Is it balanced? Where does it come from? Criticism is fair sometimes. It’s not fair sometimes. “I don’t sit here sometimes and think I know everything and do everything right,” he said. In midweek, Potter was highly criticized on the Internet when he didn’t put a known striker in the beginning. “I’m proud of what I’ve done this year, I’m proud of a lot of what’s been achieved at this club. And I’m very, very thankful for the players and the staff that we have because I’ve really enjoyed my time here.”


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