GOLDEN BMX! In a remarkable performance, Charlotte Worthington 360 backflips to victory.


GOLDEN BMX! In a remarkable performance, Charlotte Worthington 360 backflips to victory.

In an Olympic first, CHARLOTTE WORTHINGTON won Britain’s tenth gold medal in Tokyo.

Worthington, 25, won the women’s BMX freestyle final with a score of 97.50. Early in the second round, the BMX rider landed a 360 degree backflip, the first time it had ever been done in the women’s championship.

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This is the first time a BMX Park competition has taken place at an Olympic Games.

She stated it was “unreal” to the BBC after her victory and made history.

Ms Worthington, who trains in Corby, said, “I’ve been dreaming about this for four years and I’m waiting to wake up.”

“I didn’t put any pressure on myself, but you have to refocus and do each trick one at a time,” she says.

“I haven’t done that trick [the 360-degree backflip]for that long, so to have a lot of faith in it – I wouldn’t have a lot of tricks if it wasn’t for Hannah Roberts.

“A lot of hard effort paid off, but it was all on my shoulders.

“The bike is strenuous, but my self-improvement has paid off.

“Thank you very much to everyone back home. “Without you, I couldn’t have done it.”

The United States came in second with a score of 96.10, while Switzerland took third with an 89.20.

Hannah Roberts, the American rider who was widely expected to win, crashed out on her final round.

Roberts commented on her opponent’s victory, saying, “There was obviously a lot going on.”

“My first run went well, but I knew there were several areas where I could improve. I tripped and twisted my ankle.

“I’m so proud of Charlotte, and I’m honored to finish second to her.

“Backflip 360 in a women’s park BMX – so many people doing world’s first tricks. It’s an exciting time to be a part of our sport.”

After working as a chef in Manchester five years ago, Worthington took a unique road to becoming the first-ever freestyle BMX Olympic gold medalist.

Declan Brooks finished second in the men’s BMX final with a fantastic score of 90.80 in his second run.

Brooks, on the other hand, was demoted to third place when veteran rider Daniel Dhers of Venezuela put in a fantastic performance that included a suicidal 720 and a front. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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