GOLD! In an incredible swim, Peaty leads the GB relay team to the top of the podium and a WORLD RECORD.


GOLD! In an incredible swim, Peaty leads the GB relay team to the top of the podium and a WORLD RECORD.

TEAM GB’s swimmers have won another gold medal, this time in the mixed 4x100m medley relay, where they set a new world record.

Adam Peaty, James Guy, Kathleen Dawson, and Anna Hopkin triumphed over their Australian, American, and Chinese competitors in a thrilling race. In a world record time of 3:37.58, Britain won the race.

Kathleen Dawson made a bad start to the race, stumbling on her 100m backstroke leg’s push off.

Each member of the quartet, on the other hand, accomplished a monumental feat, clawing back precious seconds with each lap.

Adam Peaty started the second leg of the race in fifth place, some five seconds behind the leaders.

In the final 50 meters of his leg, he whittled away at the deficit.

James Guy then clocked a world-record-breaking 50 seconds in the 100m butterfly.

Anna Hopkins won the gold medal with a great last leg.

China came in second with a time of 3:38.86, while Australia earned bronze with a time of 3:38.95.

Kathleen Dawson told the BBC, “I was swimming my own race, regardless of whether it was against men or women.”

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“Pulling out of the 100m fly – it really killed me – I definitely might have medaled this morning with that split there, but it paid off,” James Guy continued.

“Can’t beat a gold medal and a world record, especially with that team.”

“I was trying not to think about it,” Anna Hopkin said (Dressel chasing her down).

“I tried not to think about how far ahead of them we were.

“It doesn’t matter when you’re in the water; all you have to do is race.”

“When I turned around, I noticed that there was still a lot of water in front of me, so I just went for it.

“Being a part of this team is an incredible feeling and privilege.”

“One word has revolutionised the entire British squad – belief,” Adam Peaty stated when asked why the British team was so good.

“We believe we have a chance to win and set world records.

“You can construct everything around your belief, and we demonstrated that tonight.”


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