GOLD and silver for Team GB BMX duo in Tokyo Olympics 2020, as Shriever goes undefeated.


GOLD and silver for Team GB BMX duo in Tokyo Olympics 2020, as Shriever goes undefeated.

On the BMX track in Tokyo, Team GB won gold and silver medals.

Bethany Shriver won gold in the BMX final after remaining undefeated throughout the tournament. Shriever said after her stunning triumph, “I can’t feel my legs.”

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“It really means so much,” she continued. “I’m completely overwhelmed.”

The 22-year-first-place old’s victory came only moments after her colleague Kye Whyte was awarded the silver medal.

Whyte, also known as the Prince of Peckham, was the first British athlete to win an Olympic medal in the event.

In the Games, Whyte kept his south London roots near to him.

“Bring something nice back to Peckham,” he promised.

Whyte, 20, was a close second to Niek Kimmann of the Netherlands.

Shriever’s Olympic gold, on the other hand, is a spectacular comeback for the 22-year-old.

She had departed the Team GB squad in 2019 to go solo, with the goal of raising £50,000 through crowdfunding.

Her return, as well as her victories in the heats and gold in the final, marked a watershed moment in British BMX racing at the Olympics.

“To even be here is a victory in and of itself,” Shriever continued. Making it to the final is an accomplishment in and of itself.

“To win a medal, to be honest, I’m ecstatic. It means a lot to me.”

“I was watching him just as I was going up, I was almost weeping because he got a silver,” the 22-year-old added after seeing her friend receive his silver medal.

“I had to keep my cool, reset, and dig in, and even though I didn’t have any legs, I gave it my all.”

So far, Team GB has collected 23 medals at the Games.

There are six golds, nine silvers, and eight bronzes in all.


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