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Glenn Hoddle is stood down by ITV as their co-commentator for England matches

Former England manager Glenn Hoddle has joined commentator Clive Tyldesley in being stood down by ITV from commentary duty on major games.

Broadcaster Tyldesley, 65, was replaced by Sam Matterface as the channel’s number one commentator and expressed his disappointment in the decision during a statement in July.

The commentator will continue to cover matches for ITV as a back-up broadcaster for less important games, but he has also signed a deal with American station CBS Sports to cover on Champions League games.

And co-commentator Hoddle, who normally joins Tyldesley in the commentary gantry, has also been told he will not be covering England games, with former Arsenal defender Lee Dixon set to take up the role alongside Matterface.

An ITV spokesperson said: ‘Glenn has been an excellent co-commentator and valued part of the ITV team. 

‘His deal has come to an end and going forward we are making a change in the co-commentator role, bringing in Lee Dixon, who has experience in this position and who, with his wealth of expertise and insight will work well with Sam Matterface, our new lead commentator.’ 

Former defender Dixon has been part of ITV’s football coverage before and also co-commentates on Premier League games for NBC Sports in America. 

The standing down of Hoddle shows ITV’s intention to shake up the face of their live football programmes. 

The decision to remove Tyldesley as first-choice commentator after 22 years in the job was made three weeks before the announcement in July. 

In a video message, Tyldesley said: ‘I’m upset, annoyed, baffled… I would have been interested in commentating on the Euro 2020 final for them…but now I won’t be commentating on any of the big England games over the coming year and I’m going to miss them.

‘I love this job, and it has gone. Why? I don’t know. 

‘I do not know exactly why this decision has been taken, already I’ve got the producer of a broadcaster I am working on asking if I’ve got any health issues. No! I’ve got no health issues.’  

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