Glen Kamara’s representative has slammed the horrible ‘racial booing’ from 10,000 schoolchildren.


Glen Kamara’s representative has slammed the horrible ‘racial booing’ from 10,000 schoolchildren.

Glen Kamara, a midfielder for Rangers, was subjected to more racial abuse during the club’s Europa League match against Sparta Prague on Thursday.

Despite their stadium suspension, Glen Kamara was again the target of racial abuse in Rangers’ loss to Sparta Prague on Thursday, much to the dismay of himself, his Rangers teammates, and lawyer Aamer Anwar.

Last season, Kamara, 25, was racially harassed by Slavia Prague’s Ondrej Kudela during a 2-0 home loss in the Europa League’s second round.

Rangers chiefs have called on UEFA to wipe racism out of the game after the Finland international was subjected to racial comments by the Czech international.

And they did, with Kudela receiving a 10-game European suspension that ruled him out of the Euro 2020 competition.

Kamara, on the other hand, was suspended for assaulting Kudela in the tunnel, incurring a three-game penalty as a result of his actions.

The incident sparked widespread outrage, with many calling for Kamara’s ban to be lifted because it was a direct result of Kudela’s acts.

However, the controversy surrounding Kamara and racism took a terrible turn tonight in the Czech capital, when he was abused by Sparta, Slavia’s rivals.

Despite a stadium prohibition enacted to combat racism, the limits were loosened, allowing 10,000 supervised under-14 fans to attend.

However, Kamara, like the Rangers’ other black players, was still subjected to heinous abuse, earning jeers every time he touched the ball.

His agent, Anwar, has publicly chastised UEFA’s conduct.

“When I heard about Sparta Prague’s stadium shutdown, I hoped Glen and other black players wouldn’t have to deal with any insults or bigotry and could just focus on playing football,”

The Czechs, on the other hand, should be embarrassed this evening.

“Despite the fact that their fans were prohibited, the fact that the stadium was packed with 10,000 pupils made no difference.”

“A large percentage of those kids booed Glen’s every touch of the ball, as well as every other black Rangers player.”

“Tonight demonstrates once again that Prague has a significant racism problem, and UEFA, as usual, is nowhere to be found.”

“Glen and the Rangers players have showed tremendous class, but no player should have to deal with this at work or on the international scene.”


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