Glasgow coach Danny Wilson looks at the positives of Edinburgh’s loss


Danny Wilson should be reasonably satisfied after the first 1872 Cup game of the season considering the issues Glasgow faced last month.

After all, they lost 10-7 to Edinburgh to slip further behind in the PRO14 and were possibly fortunate to earn a bonus point.

But the head coach could see this game as modest but unmistakable improvement after a 42-0 loss in their last game, not to mention four favorable Covid tests, many self-isolations and a debilitating injury streak.

“We didn’t get a shot off in our last game against Exeter, but we did against Edinburgh,” Wilson said. We’ve been playing some rugby and it’s important to us.

We decided to come and play here, get some shots off, and we did that, I guess. We’ve played rugby better than we’ve played in the last two games and we’ve definitely tested Edinburgh.

At the line-out, we had some domination and were dominated in the scrums, so those two things probably evened out. But it comes down to tight situations in tight games and we were on the wrong side of some of those conditions, including a lack of discipline again.

Soft penalties resulted in us being in the field’s wrong places. We definitely gave them a few penalties from the scrum. It was more the penalties outside the scrum that irritated me. Outside of the scrum, we had 12 and another four in the scrum, which gave them an advantage. But there was also some very good defending, especially when we were on our own line and ran a few times over them.

“At the end of the day it’s a loss, even though we got a bonus point away from home, which isn’t bad. We need to turn a better performance this week into an even better performance next week, which will hopefully get us the right result at Scotstoun.”

There was a clear explanation if the Warriors were once again not playing with the fluidity in attack that has long been a hallmark of their play at its finest. The Champions Cup game against Exeter last month was the first time that Wilson had his international contingent back after the Autumn Nations Cup, and hopes that more time together would lead to a rapid change in shape when the next two games had to be postponed due to the situation with Covid. In other words, for the coaching team to deal with, there was no consistency.

“What I feel is the biggest challenge is that you can’t move on and build from week to week,” I look forward to having the situation of Covid sorted out and playing all the international games so that we can say: this is our team and we can develop it.

There are problems like no other, and then you have the epidemic of Covid as well. It’s been a tough time, but it will make us stronger, more resilient in ourselves. Long-term benefits will come, but short-term suffering will come, and we all have to stand on our ground and fight through it.


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