Gary Neville tells Manchester United’s Media Director to “get the f*** out of the players’ accounts.”


Gary Neville tells Manchester United’s Media Director to “get the f*** out of the players’ accounts.”

As frustration grows over generic player posts, Gary Neville has called out Manchester United’s CEO of Media Online and told him to stay away from player accounts.

Gary Neville has reacted angrily to a social media snippet of Manchester United’s CEO of Media explaining how they manage players’ accounts.

Players have recently been chastised for sending out extremely generic messages to their fans on social media, and this was evident following United’s defeat to Manchester City on Saturday.

Players like Harry Maguire and Eric Bailly have faced backlash for their posts, and Bruno Fernandes can thank his social media team after a post meant for Gabriel Martinelli ended up on the United star’s profile.

Fans and pundits appear to have had enough, and Neville has sarcastically echoed this sentiment.

Neville reacted to a clip of United’s CEO of Media, Phil Lynch, explaining how the team tries to figure out what kind of story players want to tell and then posts accordingly.

As he stated: “Creating robots on and off the pitch! Get the f*** away from them!” the former United player certainly runs his own account.

It’s a football club, after all.

He makes it sound like he’s trying to win a general election by controlling fans.”

Should more players start managing their own profiles? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

Fans have started to label certain examples as fake, despite the genuine nature that is meant to be portrayed, after some players have been chastised for apologetic posts following defeats.

For those who aren’t convinced, Fernandes’ Arsenal-related post, which was meant for Martinelli, demonstrated that many accounts are solely managed by media teams, resulting in a disconnect between fans and celebrities.


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