Fury as a barrier is erected to prevent children from playing football in the park after their neighbors kick off.


Fury as a barrier is erected to prevent children from playing football in the park after their neighbors kick off.

Parents have blasted a local council for spending £3,500 on a fence to prevent children from playing football against a wall. According to reports, the painted goal has been there for 35 years. Furious parents have criticized their local government for erecting a fence in a park that prevents youngsters from playing football.

The saga is around a football goal painted on a wall in Headweir Road Park in Cullompton, Devon, where Mid Devon District Council has since erected a diagonal barrier.

According to Devon Live, Brain Reeby, who lives near the park, claims that he painted the goal on his garage for kids 35 years ago.

“I painted the goal so they’d kick the ball in the park’s corner instead of near the road, where they may damage cars and pick them up in the road,” Mr Reeby explained.

“Since then, the goal has been there, and people have adored it.”

However, he explained that a small number of neighbors have complained, and that police were summoned to the park at one occasion to settle a dispute between children.

“After that, everything stayed quiet for a while,” he added, “and the next thing we know, a fence and a wooden rail had been installed.”

According to Devon Live, the new installation cost roughly £3,500.

“Some of the neighbors don’t appreciate balls being kicked over to their garden and children presumably gazing into their land, but it’s the same for all homeowners living along here,” Barbara Gozna, who began a petition to rescue the park from closure four years ago, said.

“If they kick the ball into the garden, you simply return the kick.”

She went on to say that her two sons used to play football at the park and were disappointed that they could no longer do so.

“Some will try to play football here, but they may trip over and end up with splinters in their hands or trip over and injure themselves,” she continued.

Cullompton Town Council took on the cost of maintaining the park four years ago when Mid Devon District Council was looking to dispose of play spaces.

“The obvious consequence if there continue to be problems,” an unnamed Cullompton Town Council member said, “is that the town council will give it back to Mid Devon and the fence will come down.”

“It’s true that the fence would have fixed the problem on its own, however. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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