From Mirabel to Albie, the most popular baby names in 2022 have been predicted.


From Mirabel to Albie, the top baby names for 2022 are predicted.

According to BabyCentre’s research, the top 10 girls and boys names for 2022 will range from Disney-inspired names to popular nature names.

If you’re expecting a child this year, you might be on the lookout for a cute name.

After all, picking a name is difficult; you want it to reflect them while also being current and cute.

But, in 2022, what are the naming trends?

The top girls and boys names for the next 12 months have been predicted by BabyCentre’s experts.

While some traditional or old-fashioned names are included – as is the most popular trend for 2021 – some more modern additions have also made the cut.

The classic name Hazel, which was a new entry to the 2021 top 100 list and is due a comeback, is at the top of the list for little girls.

For the boys, Albie was a high climber who was expected to be extremely popular this year.

Olive, another nature-inspired name that was a new entry for the top 100 list last year, is predicted to be the second most popular girls name this year.

Reggie – a nickname turned full name that’s making waves in 2022 – came in second for the boys.

Iris, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s newborn daughter’s middle name, came in third for little girls.

Frankie, who can also be used as a unisex name, rounded out the top three boys names.

Below are BabyCentre’s top ten name predictions:

While traditional nicknames and classical names are still popular, some names have a more modern feel to them.

In the girls’ names list, Mirabel may be influenced by the protagonist of Disney’s popular new film Encanto, while Nova has a futuristic feel to it.

For the boys, Felix – a biblical name that means “lucky” – made the top ten list.

Oakley, a name inspired by nature and meaning “oak-tree field,” was also expected to be popular.

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