From Mido to Ronaldo, five footballers changed themselves into “fuller figures.”


We take a look at five former players who enjoyed their post-playing years a bit too much before shedding the pounds and getting back into pristine athletic condition

Elite footballers are under a strict diet regime throughout their career, so it’s no wonder they can embrace foods that were previously off-limits.

From the ripped, athletic figures they once possessed they can soon find themselves harbouring normal bods like the rest of us.

With the limelight still on them, photos can emerge of stars carrying a few extra pounds compared to their playing days.

But some have decided to get their bodies back into elite condition, which in turn leads to some of them going on rigorous diet plans to shed those pounds.

Here we have some of the most notable examples of former players getting back to fighting fit.

The former Spurs player admitted to the Guardian in 2018: “I was 150kg and I reached a point where I couldn’t walk 30 yards.”

Indeed, The Egyptian’s weight ballooned after he retired in 2013.

But last year the 38-year-old made an impressive feat by shedding 37kg in five months, posting his transformation as a source of inspiration for others online.

The Liverpool legend admitted to struggling with fast food post-retirement. From the 12 stone he once was, Barnes shot up to 16 stone owing to his poor nutritional intake.

Barnes was able to lose the weight by featuring in the 2019 edition of Harry’s Heroes: The Full English, a show focused around Harry Redknapp and takes 12 football legends from the ’90s and gets them back in tip-top condition.

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The former Southampton attacker was also being a contestant on Harry’s Heroes – losing two stone.

Despite being a legendary footballer during the Premier League years, the 53-year-old conceded that even during his playing days his diet was not the greatest.

He said in a Q&A with FourFourTwo: “I’d often eat unhealthy stuff, fish and chips or whatever, the night before a match, but never on a matchday.

“My pre-match meal would be an omelette or something similar.”

Former Liverpool player Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock recently revealed his extensive diet plan.

His weight hit 21 stone and he knew that he would have to take action or face the prospect of health issues down the line.

Ruddock managed to knock off more significant pounds.

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