Frank Lampard demands patience with the bumpy launch of Kai Havertz


Frank Lampard says that after the midfielder recovered from a serious case of Covid-19, Chelsea are only having Kai Havertz used to the pace of the Premier League.

Since his £ 62 million move from Bayer Leverkusen in September, a number of factors have stopped Havertz, who has scored one league goal this season, from shining. After a lengthy transfer window, the German had little time to settle in England, and while he demonstrated his class at times, his growth stalled when in November he tested positive for the corona virus.

For a young talent who had yet to find his feet in a new world, it was a tough moment. Havertz, who has been on the bench for the last three Chelsea FC games, has been hit by the illness, and when reviewing the 21-year-performances, old’s Lampard takes hindsight. Kai had eight days with us, five working days before he played,”He moved abroad and missed pre-season, Kai had eight days with us, five working days before he played,”He moved abroad and missed the pre-season. That’s not helpful in any league for a player, especially not when you come to the world’s fastest and most physical league. He got Covid only when Kai came to terms with that. He was pretty good with Covid.

“It undoubtedly took a little bit of a toll on him physically.

This is something that we are trying to help him cope with. The desire around him – you have to put the story in context. The talent of Kai is undeniable. It is important to allow him the time to adapt.
Lampard said that after recovering from the infection, some players had no adverse effects and revealed that after testing positive, Chelsea left-back Marcos Alonso had a fast recovery. Havertz was not so lucky, which gives his erratic form some meaning.

After making a substantial investment, Chelsea, which has lost three of its last five matches, is ready to be patient.

Lampard is aware that after leaving Chelsea, Kevin De Bruyne and Mohamed Salah flourished in City and Liverpool, respectively, and is totally behind Havertz. He offered fellow German Timo Werner similar support.

In the past, we’ve had players who came here, didn’t really adapt, went elsewhere and then returned to the Premier League and achieved an amazing standard,” said Lampard. “We need to give him that time, particularly with the situation with Covid. It’s a problem that goes beyond his disease, not a non-problem.

I’m there for him to help.

Lampard’s unforgiving schedule also made it difficult to implement his concepts into training.

But with midweek assignments free for the next fortnight, Lampard has a chance to prepare.

The next Chelsea match, next Sunday’s home match against Morecambe in the third round of the FA Cup, is in question due to a League Two club outbreak in Covid.

Chelsea won’t play again until Jan. 15 against Fulham if the game is cancelled.

“It gives us a real chance to get on the training pitch because if it was up to me and we had a four-week preseason, the physical work we would have done with the new players would be at a really good point [where]you hope to start the season,” Lampard said.

“That we missed. It was overlooked by every single person, so it’s even more important for the new players who come into the club.

It will help a lot if we can get two, three, four training sessions in those two weeks. Not only for Kai, but for the team as a whole.
The title question has always been downplayed by Lampard. He’s thinking long-term. “I know what it takes to win a title from playing,” he said. “I look at the teams that have squads full of winners of the title.”

Everyone points to our checkbook, but in the last two or three windows, I look at the teams that have invested just as much money, if not more.

“We’ve just bought a team of people. They don’t just come in and go, ‘OK, it’s all perfect.’

I genuinely believe in this long-distance team, but I definitely felt like there was a phase, and that’s why I spoke about it.


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