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Forensic police officers arrive at Daniel Sturridge’s Los Angeles West Hollywood home after burglary

Forensic police have been called to footballer Daniel Sturridge’s Los Angeles home after a break-in saw his pet dog stolen.


Officers pulled up at the Premier League star’s $1.5million (£1.2million) West Hollywood mansion today to take DNA prints from his back door, which was smashed to pieces by thieves. 

The former Liverpool striker, 29, was left distraught after his Pomeranian Lucky Lucci was snatched and his home ransacked.  

He uploaded an emotional video of himself showing his followers the smashed glass door and pleading for the safe return of his beloved pet — believed to be the only one of its kind in the world. 

The star offered a reward of £30,000 to anyone who could bring back Lucky Lucci – and posted again on Instagram this morning to appeal for help. 

In an earlier appeal to those watching on social media, Sturridge said: ‘Listen, someone has broken into the house in LA, took my dog from the house. Listen, whoever knows who broke into my crib, I’ll pay you anything, I’m dead serious. 

‘I wanna know who took my s***. I wanna know what’s went on. I wanna know why they took my dog. I wanna know why they took bags from upstairs.

I wanna know what the f**** going on. How can you break into someone’s house in LA and take a dog? Are you crazy? You break into a house and take a dog? 

‘Yo, somebody please find my dog, I’ll pay anything, I’m dead serious.’

Offering payment in another video, he said: ‘Whoever brings my dog back, 20 grand, straight up. Straight up. 20 Gs. 30 Gs, whatever. Bring my dog back. Bring my dog back to this house, I am moving out of this b**** anyway. 

‘Bring the dog back to this address. I’ll be moving out tomorrow or the next day. I want my dog back and I’ll pay whatever, it don’t matter, it don’t matter the cost. 20 or 30 grand, bring my dog back. 

‘You aren’t going to get more than that anyway, and if you are, let me know and I’ll pay more than them. I want my dog back.’

In a further video, Sturridge added: ‘Bro, they’ve took my dog, they’ve took two or three bags from my house. They’ve jumped over the fence.

‘We’re in Los Angeles, West Hollywood. Look, my shirt’s on the floor. They’ve jumped over the fence. Whoever is so ballsy to come and take my dog, look we can get you money, it’s not about the money. 

‘If you’re trying to make money, come back and we’ll pay you for the dog fam, it’s nothing. Don’t go selling my dog to someone else, we’ll pay more. It’s as simple as that. 

‘Come back to the crib, bring the dog back, organise it however you want to organise it. 

‘I want the dog back, we’ll pay anything for the dog.’

And on his social media story, he continued: ‘It’s a Monday, fam. Who was at the house at 11.30? We’ve been away for two hours. It doesn’t make any sense. 

‘Someone find my dog please. Like I said before, I’ll pay anything. It’s not about the money. I just want my dog, simple as that.’

In an emotional caption, he also wrote: ‘Somebody stole my dog. I’ll pay anything. I want him back.’ 

Sturridge has owned the dog for at least a year and a half and keeps an Instagram account exclusively dedicated to pictures of the animal — which has over 2,800 followers. 

The footballer ended his time with Liverpool — where he earned around £120,000 a week — after winning the Champions League at the end of last season. He is currently on the lookout for a new club.

The striker, who has 26 caps for the England national team, has spent a chunk of his summer in Los Angeles as he prepares for the new season. 

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