For ‘health and safety considerations,’ the driver refuses to allow a distraught 16-year-old girl board the last bus.


For ‘health and safety considerations,’ the driver refuses to allow a distraught 16-year-old girl board the last bus.

The driver refused to open the doors, claiming that he was bound by “health and safety” regulations. He said he was simply “following the directions” to a police officer. A juvenile girl was left shaking and crying at a bus terminal after a driver refused to unlock the doors and let her board the night’s final vehicle.

After seeing her pals, the 16-year-old attempted to board an East Yorkshire bus from Beverley bus station to Dunswell at around 9.30pm on Sunday (November 7).

Gary Hockeny, her father, told Hull Live that the incident has made her daughter afraid to ride the bus.

She stands in front of the double decker and begs the driver to open the doors in her video.

“Can you let me on the bus?” the girl inquires.

The car beeps his horn in response, and the girl continues: “I have to return home. Why? Simply push open the door.” She feels upset and begins to cry, but the bus driver continues to horn and motions for her to step aside.

While a nearby policewoman approaches to provide help to the girl, he flashes his lights and starts the engine.

The girl told the officer, “He won’t let me on the bus.” “I want to go to Dunswell, but he won’t allow me take the bus.

“I only missed it by a fraction of a second, so I dashed up, but he won’t let me in.”

The officer circles the bus in order to speak with the driver, who claims: “I’m not permitted to open the doors, I’m not permitted to open the doors.

“I’m not authorized because of health and safety concerns. In my opinion, she is a grownup, and I am late.” The officer inquires as to the girl’s age, and she responds with her age.

She tells the driver that he could have gotten her on because the bus terminal is deserted.

“It is my job, as well as yours, to follow directions. Please accept my apologies “”, says the driver.

The officer granted the youngster a ride home, and she later showed the footage to her father.

According to Gary, who spoke to Hull Live, “If you watch the video, she challenges the driver, and he simply cites this obnoxious health and safety code.

“I’d like to call attention to his actions, as well as the cops’, since it’s such a good thing she did; I would have picked her up if it hadn’t been for the fact that it was such a good thing she did. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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