For double parking, a man leaves an angry’mum’ note on his neighbor’s car, but it backfires.


Dylan spotted a car taking up two parking spots and left a note to condemn the driver’s bad parking etiquette. But three days later, he got a “warning email” about garage misconduct

A man fed up with his neighbour’s double parking decided to leave an angry note on the car – but it didn’t end well.

Dylan, who lives in US, found a grey BMW taking up two parking spots in the car park and decided to take the matter into his own hands.

He posted on TikTok and said: “Leaving notes on my neighbour’s car until they stop double-parking.”

In the clip, Dylan walks up to the driver’s window and sticks a small piece of paper on it.

The note reads: “Your mum’s a h**.”

While some viewers suggested the car owner might have owned both parking lots, others said in some places, the car would end up being keyed.

One said: “Do they own both spots? I won two and double park.”

“I’d be putting a poster board over their windshield for that one,” a second wrote and a third suggested: “Just call to get it towed.”

Three days later, Dylan shared an email he received from the property management.

Although the email was not sent directly to him, it was titled “garage misconduct” and read: “We would like to remind all residents that if they notice anything that violates our community and parking policies, please notify the office ASAP.

“What you should not do is write derogatory remarks on anyone’s vehicle/personal property regardless if they violated any of their policies.

“It is considered harassment and vandalism, and we will be looking into who committed these acts.”

Dylan simply reacted: “Oops.”

Some viewers were shocked, with one suggesting: “Wait so they park like that and they’re a snitch? Let them know they’re first up in the purge.”

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“Leave another note that says ‘snitches get stitches’ but make sure you don’t get spotted,” a second advised.

A third added: “Time to leave a sticky note on the leasing office door.”

It comes after an angry note which slammed a person’s “scumbag neighbours” who were “lazy and fat” went viral.


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