For Covid-19, four Manchester City WSL players tested positive for


The men’s team of Derby County shuts training ground due to outbreak The men’s team of City was without six players for the trip to Chelsea

Four players from the women’s team of Manchester City tested positive for the coronavirus, while the men’s team of Derby County reported that some of its players and personnel were tested on Monday and returned a positive result. Elite matches to continue but suspended all grassroots sports in EnglandRead moreLast week after the men’s team’s Premier League match at Eve, City briefly closed its training complex The complex reopened on Wednesday, but for Sunday’s match against Chelsea, Pep Guardiola’s men’s team had to go without six players and an unidentified backroom staff member. After violating coronavirus laws by holding a New Year’s Eve party, defender Benjamin Mendy was also forced to excuse himself over the weekend. Manchester City FC can confirm that four first-team players have tested positive for Covid-19,” read a statement from the club. The affected personnel will now observe a period of self-isolation in accordance with the FA and UK government protocol on quarantine. Everyone at the club wishes our colleagues a speedy recovery before their return to work, training and competitions. “Football WeeklyBril According to the Telegraph, Sheffield Wednesday’s men’s team have also closed their training ground after their own coronavirus outbreak, and will now have only two days to prepare for the third round of this weekend’s FA Cup match against Exeter.


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