For a one-hour Christmas party, Sainsbury’s tells employees to “take overtime or unpaid leave.”


For a one-hour Christmas party, Sainsbury’s advises employees to “take overtime or unpaid leave.”

Staff at a Sainsbury’s supermarket that is about to close were told they needed to work overtime or take unpaid time off for the company’s Christmas party.

Staff members who are about to be laid off at Sainsbury’s have been told that they must either work overtime or take unpaid leave for the store’s final Christmas party.

Workers at the Etruria Road supermarket in Hanley, Stoke, learned about the ‘Scrooge-like’ decision earlier this month when they were handed flyers advertising two Christmas parties on December 1 — one from midday to 1pm and the other from 1.15pm to 2.15pm.

The store will close in 2022 as part of the UK’s second-largest supermarket chain’s cost-cutting measures.

“The sittings are an hour long,” reads the offending Christmas flyer, which has since been leaked to the public.

You must either make up or have as unpaid time during your break.

Kindly let us know what you’ve decided.”

Ex-employees and ardent shoppers have banded together to criticize the supermarket’s ‘humbug’ attitude.

“This is a pretty shabby way to treat people who are about to lose their jobs,” a former employee told StokeOnTrent Live.

“It’s a little harsh,” said businesswoman Lynn Shemirani.

With that kind of behavior, you’re back to Scrooge.

“At Christmastime, they should show some goodwill, especially after working on the front lines during the pandemic.”

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“It’s ridiculous,” retired John Hannon added.

The employees are pleasant and loyal to the company.

I believe the company owes them some loyalty.”

“It’s just not fair,” Chloe Edwards said, describing the treatment as not only un-Christmasy but also dehumanizing.

“You’re not a person; you’re a number.”

“We have listened to our colleagues’ feedback and will be updating the plans at our Hanley store to ensure that everyone can enjoy their Christmas celebrations during their break,” a Sainsbury’s spokesperson told The Sun.

Last year, the supermarket behemoth came under fire for forcing pandemic-weary employees to work on Christmas Day.

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