For a funny challenge, men attempt eating dreadful ‘horse urine’ eggs – and immediately puke.


For a funny challenge, men attempt eating dreadful ‘horse urine’ eggs – and immediately puke.

Chris Peacock purchased the century eggs, which are a Chinese delicacy, on Amazon and decided to share them with his friends. They soon discovered, however, why the eggs had such a dreadful reputation. This is the funny moment four lads vomited after trying for the first time to eat “horse urine eggs.”

Chris Peacock had purchased the four century eggs on Amazon and was eager to share them with Gary Stephenson, Dale Stephenson, and Andy Kibbler.

The eggs get their name from their distinct odor, which resembles urine but is actually the consequence of their preservation in clay, ash, salt quicklime, and rice hulls.

And the foursome were clearly not pleased, as evidenced by footage showing them vomit very immediately.

Gary, a builder’s merchant manager with a “weak stomach,” was the worst affected and couldn’t stop heaving, hurling his egg over the yard fence after just one bite.

Dale, his father, swallowed the most of the black egg only to spew it out moments later.

“Everything about it was filthy,” Gary, from Goole, East Yorkshire, claimed. It didn’t taste like an egg at all, and the texture was so rubbery that it resembled a bouncing ball.

“I couldn’t compare the flavor to anything else I’ve ever had.” Andy stated it tasted like what he imagined stagnant pond water or weeds would taste like.

“I was astounded that my brother and father were able to chew, let alone swallow, any of it.” I couldn’t get over the stench because I have a weak stomach. “All I had to do was hurl it as far away from me as possible.” The odor was “continuous” and accompanied you “wherever you went,” he claimed.

People were ‘crying with amusement’ at the guys’ attempts, while others were ‘howling’ after Gary ‘launched’ his over the fence.

“Crying,” one commentator joked. It’s fantastic. “I threw [that]egg over the wall.” “Watched this in disgust and almost peed myself laughing at the same time,” one person remarked. “I’ve never felt sicker after watching this,” a third added. “Oh no, you lot aren’t normal!” a fourth joked. Sign up for one of Brinkwire’s free newsletters to stay up to date on all the newest news headlines.


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