Footballers adopt a variety of security measures, ranging from purchasing £50,000 panic rooms to spending up to £40,000 on guard dogs.


Footballers adopt a variety of security measures, ranging from purchasing £50,000 panic rooms to spending up to £40,000 on guard dogs.

Thanks to their large salaries, footballers can afford the finest luxury in life, such as spacious mansions, automobiles, and pricey jewelry.

However, this makes them easy prey for opportunistic thieves, who will steal anything of value.

Kyle Walker of Manchester City boosted up his security detail by purchasing a doberman from Chaperone K9, a guard dog specialist, for £40,000.

Last year, Dele Alli was the victim of a heist in which two burglars stormed into his North London house, injured him, and fled with a £150,000 Richard Mille 11-03, a £150,000 Patek Philippe 5980 Nautilus, and a £50,000 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak chronograph.

Then, in 2019, ex-Arsenal stars Mesut Ozil and Sead Kolasinac were pursued by a moped gang as they drove along a North London route, attempting to carjack the German playmaker’s Mercedes G-Wagon.

Sadio Mane, a Liverpool forward, was burgled while on Champions League duty with the Reds, who were playing Bayern Munich away.

While the Senegalese forward was torturing the Bavarians, intruders broke into his residence and stole valuables such as cell phones, car keys, and fancy watches.

But what precautions do footballers take to protect themselves from harm?

Dele tried to make his clocks too hot to handle after they were stolen, and he distributed their makes and models.

And his football buddies said they’d tell their watchmakers about it in the hopes of catching the thieves.

“These burglars might believe they’ve hit the jackpot by taking these watches, but they’re going to have major issues cashing them in,” a source told The Sun at the time.

“Footballers only deal with a few dealers, and none of them will handle a stolen watch because they know it will cause major difficulties in the future.”

“When passengers pass through security in Dubai and Italy, it’s not uncommon for cops to demand to see paperwork for timepieces.”

“Imagine if a watch taken in a violent heist lands on the wrist of a player who is then arrested.”

Dele is well-connected through the England team, and he knows players in Manchester, Newcastle, Liverpool, and London, where all of the major dealers are located.

“These dealers know that if they purchase a watch that turns out to be one of Dele’s, they will never sell to another footballer.”

Footballers creating bulletproof panic rooms inside their opulent homes has become a popular trend in recent years.

They range in price from £40,000 to £1 million and provide a safe hiding place for families at home during a break-in.

In his family’s Kensington home, David Beckham recently fitted one, along with… Brinkwire Brief News.


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