Following ‘brutal’ lessons, George Russell is ready to challenge Hamilton and Verstappen.


Following ‘brutal’ lessons, George Russell is ready to pose a threat to Hamilton and Verstappen.

In 2022, GEORGE RUSSELL is gearing up to take on Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

As the Briton prepares to take on new Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen when the new season begins, he admits he’s had some “brutal” emotional moments that have helped shape him into the driver he is now.

Russell spent three years at Williams as a Mercedes junior driver, earning his stripes in the championship and excelling in a car that was underperforming.

Following months of speculation, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff finally gave Russell the green light to replace Bottas in 2022, giving the Briton a chance to race alongside Hamilton.

Russell admits, however, that the journey wasn’t without its challenges, citing several standout moments that put him to the test.

Russell had his first points “in the bag” at the 2020 Tuscan Grand Prix, but a disastrous finish to the race denied the young Briton.

Imola was next on the list after a high-speed crash with Bottas, which resulted in an explosive post-race rant to the media.

Russell also added the Sakhir Grand Prix to the list after the 23-year-old made waves in the paddock at the end of 2020 when he sat in for a Covid-stricken Lewis Hamilton in Bahrain and nearly beat Valtteri Bottas to the win.

Russell, on the other hand, was plagued by a slow pit stop and a puncture during the race, finishing ninth, but his performance was still the talk of the season heading into 2021.

Russell, on the other hand, believes he now possesses a championship-winning trait as a result of the ‘brutal’ lessons.

Russell told Autosport, “These are the four moments in my three years that stand out to me as being pretty brutal emotionally.”

“It was just a matter of getting used to it.”

When you make a mistake, you often feel like you’ve let the whole team down, and allowing that to not drain you [is crucial]because, ultimately, if you want to win a championship, you must perform over the course of 23 races.

“You may have had a bad race in the first race, but you must rebound.”

“Or you might have a bad race in the middle of the season; you can’t let that affect the races after that.”

“So you have to almost forget about it, move on, and try to concentrate on the next race, because memories live on.”

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