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Floyd Mayweather knocked down… in charity basketball match

Floyd Mayweather was dropped only once during two unbeaten decades in professional boxing, but already in retirement the 42-year-old has hit the floor harder than he ever did in the ring. 


Mayweather won all 50 of his professional boxing fights and became famed for his quick feet, balance and incredible ability to evade punches.

But on Monday, during a charity basketball game in the United States, Mayweather was put down by an incredible feint by Larry Williams.

Williams, nicknamed ‘Bone Collector’, is known for ‘breaking ankles’ – a term used when a player feints or changes direction so sharply, he or she causes an opponent to fall over. 

Mayweather became Williams’ latest victim during the Monster Energy 50K Charity Challenge in Los Angeles, California.

The charity event, held at the UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion, saw Team Floyd – captained by Mayweather – face Team Gronk – led by retired New England Patriots star Ron Gronkowski.

With the scores tied at 0-0, Mayweather tried to mark Williams just outside the three-point line. ‘The Bone Collector’ threatened to dribble right before suddenly changing direction.

Mayweather bought the dummy hook, line and sinker and fell to the floor, to the delight of the crowd inside the arena who let a huge collective roar of incredulity. 

The Money Man took it in good spirits, though, and was seen laughing as he got back to his feet. 

‘What Bone Collector did to Mayweather was a crime,’ one Twitter user joked. ‘I’m surprised he didn’t try and fight him.’

Another added: ‘Floyd Mayweather taking his first L of his career.’

The event in California helped raise money and awareness for charities including Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend’s WHO Cares initiative Teen Cancer America. 

Mayweather and Gronkowski were joined by a selection of other athletes, entertainers and celebrities.

The 42-year-old has been out of the ring since knocking out Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in an unofficial bout on December 31 last year. 

He technically retired from boxing after victory over Conor McGregor back in 2017 but has hinted he could return for another exhibition fight in Japan this month. 

Mayweather has already earned more money than any other fighter in history and last week he launched an attack on his critics while posing with $2million in cash on social media. 

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