Fears of a punishment for Lewis Hamilton have been raised following Max Verstappen’s incident in the British Grand Prix.


Fears of a punishment for Lewis Hamilton have been raised following Max Verstappen’s incident in the British Grand Prix.

On the first lap of the British Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen collided.

Jenson Button, a former Formula One world champion, has expressed concern that Lewis Hamilton could be penalized in the British Grand Prix. On the first lap, the Brit crashed with Max Verstappen, sending the Dutchman careening into the barriers. Despite the fact that he was extremely winded, he walked away from the scene.

“They were giving each other room,” Button said after the incident. “I believe Max gave Lewis the room to fit a car through there.”

When asked if Hamilton faced a penalty, the British driver replied, “There’s a possibility, if he truly reached the apex, it’s fine, but he’s a long way from the apex and he collected Max.”

Going into Copse corner, Hamilton was adamant that he was in the lead, initially stating that he was ahead then rapidly changing his remark to indicate he was beside the Drivers’ Championship leader.

The collision occurred after a violent start to the race, in which Hamilton tried every trick in the book to pass Verstappen, with the momentum appearing to be on his side.

After the incident, Red Bull CEO Christian Horner was furious, presenting Verstappen’s case to FIA race director Michael Masi.

“Hamilton was never anywhere close alongside that corner,” he claimed.

“Anyone who has driven this track knows you don’t put a wheel up the inside of Copse.

“That was a massive accident, and it was entirely Max’s fault. As far as I’m concerned, Hamilton bears sole responsibility, as he should never have been in that position in the first place.

“You may have been involved in a major collision. Thank God he made it out unhurt. I’m hoping you’ll take care of it properly.”

The stewards are looking into the incident, which could result in Hamilton receiving a penalty.

After a stunning, high-speed smash against the tire wall, Verstappen walked away relatively unharmed.

He was taken away in an ambulance to be checked at the medical center as a precaution, but the 23-year-situation old’s could have been far worse.

The photo of Max’s automobile after it was damaged.


“We saw a level of violence from Lewis that we haven’t seen in a long time,” Damon Hill said of the incident.

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