Fans of the Larkins are enraged after seeing a ‘disrespectful’ location gaffe.


Fans of the Larkins are enraged after seeing a ‘disrespectful’ location gaffe.

The latest episode of The Larkins didn’t miss a trick, as fans quickly recognized that the beach resort of Margate was actually filmed in Broadstairs.

On Sunday night’s episode of The Larkins, viewers detected a major location gaffe when they noticed a sequence set in “Margate” was really shot in Broadstairs.

Viewers who are familiar with the Kent coastal resort couldn’t believe the obvious error that was made on the ITV show and called it “disrespectful.”

At the third episode, Ma worries about Pop’s well-being and persuades him and the rest of the family to take a vacation in “Margate.”

When the Larkins landed in the coastal village, though, viewers recognized something wasn’t quite right as the scenes progressed.

Viewers expressed their opinions on Twitter.

“Broadstairs there pretending to be Margate! #TheLarkins,” one fan said.

“Since when does Margate have cliffs haha #thelarkins that is not Margate,” another said.

“The rudeness of referring to Broadstairs as Margate #thelarkins,” a third said.

However, this is far not the first gaffe that viewers have noticed since the show premiered earlier this month.

Because the show is set in the 1950s, fans have noticed details that would not have occurred at that time.

One observer, who took to Twitter once more, said: “Pa Larkin had a Fordson Super Major tractor in the ITV series The Larkins, which is set in the 1950s. It wasn’t until 1962 that this type of tractor was introduced to the market.” “Seat belts were not required in new cars until 1968, and they were not required in older cars until 1983,” said another.

Viewers of the Sunday night show were eager to point out that the third episode’s discussion of the D. H. Lawrence novel Lady Chatterley’s Lover was not available in the UK until the early 1960s.

One of the viewers said: “To begin with, it’s entertaining, but why are there so many inaccuracies? Is it something they’re doing on purpose? The book Lady Chatterley’s Lover was outlawed until 1961.” Meanwhile, another supporter concurred, saying: “Until the 1960s, Lady Chatterley’s boyfriend was not permitted. Do you recall the uproar?” Despite all of the obvious flaws, some viewers continued to enjoy the heartwarming show and praised the actors’ performances.

“Bradley Walsh is great in #TheLarkins. It’s a great show to watch, and Bradley is fantastic “one of the fans said on Twitter.

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