Fans of Emmerdale expect a double death, as Andrea and Charles’ fates appear to be in jeopardy.


Emmerdale viewers rarely miss a beat when it comes to their accurate predictions – and on Wednesday night several fans rushed to Twitter to question Andrea Tate and Charles Anderson’s future on the show

Emmerdale fans predict Andrea Tate and Charles Anderson may be the next characters to be killed off as their futures appear uncertain.

On Wednesday night’s programme, both Andrea and Charles were in very sticky predicaments – which has left fans incredibly concerned for their welfare.

After being dropped into the Canyon on Monday night, Charles suffered an injury that may cause him to tragically die, while Meena’s plot against Victoria might put Andrea in danger.

Andrea witnessed Meena trying to murder Victoria Sugden which left her running for her life once she knew Meena would murder her next.

As the dramatic scenes unfolded viewers aired their suspicions.

One fan penned: “Andrea’s clearly a goner sadly, after witnessing Meena desperately trying to drown poor unconscious Vic & she doesn’t even know Charles is out & perfectly safe, at least for now.”

Another said: “Oh dear. I didn’t think Charles was going to die but now that Manpreet’s confessed undying love I’m afraid he’s a gonna!”

A third commented: “Currently Andrea & Charles both look like potential goner’s unfortunately.”

“It’s got to be Andrea who’s killed as she would speak up in the aftermath and say meena tried to kill Victoria unless manpreet catches and tries to stop her and meena kills her instead and blames Andrea saying she was jealous over Charles,” a fourth explained.

By the end of programme, both Andrea and Charles appeared to be fighting for their lives.

After walking for miles with Manpreet Sharma and admitting that he loved her, Manpreet noticed that Charles had a deep leg wound.

In a fit of panic, Manpreet decides to leave Charles to get extra help. But will she be able to make it back to the vicar on time?

Elsewhere, after running for several minutes in a cornfield Meena finally manages to catch up with Andrea.

As they reach a dead end, Meena warns Andrea to back off. However to viewers surprise Meena picks up a nearby dead end sign and strikes Andrea with it.

Emmerdale fans will also have to wait and see whether Andrea survives or if Meena murdered another innocent victim on cold blood.

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