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Fans notice Jurgen Klopp’s wry smile after Christian Pulisic strike at Anfield

Jurgen Klopp seemed to show his approval after Christian Pulisic’s brilliant turn and finish for Chelsea in their defeat against Liverpool on Wednesday night. 

Substitute Pulisic made an instant impact in the second half at Anfield, setting up Tammy Abraham after a mazy run before pulling back another goal himself as the Blues looked to mount a comeback. 

However, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s late goal sealed a thrilling 5-3 win for the Premier League champions but Klopp, who gave a teenage Pulisic his chance at Borussia Dortmund in 2015, was impressed with the American’s goal and fans on social media did not miss the German’s reaction.  

Jurgen Klopp¿s reaction to Pulisic¿s goal ¿¿

The German’s wry smile was picked up on by a host of users on Twitter, exclaiming that the Liverpool boss almost seemed happy with his former protege’s strike.  

One user pointedly noted the pair’s previous relationship in Dortmund, saying: ‘He’s gotta (sic) be a little proud, Pulisic is sorta (sic) a product of his youth oriented mentality.’

Another simply said: ‘Proud dad vibes’, while another said ”My little Dortmund boy has become a man’ – Klopp, probably’.

Pulisic has previously acknowledged the role Klopp played in giving him his big chance at Dortmund five years ago. 

‘The craziest thing is people don’t realise I started out in the youth teams over there,’ Pulisic told the 13&ME podcast in 2018. 

‘I was just working hard for that one opportunity I could get. I was going to German school over there and I will never forget that one day I was in class and I looked at my phone and it was a text from my youth coach saying you are training with the first team tonight. 

‘I was 16 or 17 and I’m going in the warm-up and there’s huge names at the time. There’s [Pierre-Emerick] Aubameyang, Marco Reus, Matts Hummels, [Henrikh] Mkhitaryan. All these guys and they were just in the Champions League final the year before. 

‘It’s like, I’m going in and I’m just this 16-year-old kid. I was thinking, “just do my best”. 

‘I was just so excited and I’m just thankful to Jurgen Klopp that he gave me that opportunity. I’ll take that with me forever and I’m really grateful.’

The pair were actually catching up ahead of the game on Wednesday, during the warm-ups at Anfield.  

The 21-year-old’s goal on Wednesday was his ninth in the Premier League in what has been an impressive first season in English football. 

However, Chelsea’s defeat means the top-four race stretches to the final day on Sunday, with the Blues hosting Wolves and Leicester facing Manchester United.  

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