F1’s new-look cars for the 2022 title fight are revealed by Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.


F1’s new-look cars for the 2022 title fight are revealed by Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

The prototype for the 2019 Formula One season has been revealed.

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, both title hopefuls, got their first look at the car they’ll be driving next season today. Formula One has unveiled the prototype of its all-new car for the 2022 season, which organizers hope will boost racer competition and audience entertainment.

F1 revealed the first full life-size model on Thursday at Silverstone, giving drivers and fans a glimpse into the future.

While the existing hybrid-turbo V6 engines will be retained, there will be significant changes elsewhere.

The two primary changes are larger tyres and reduced aerodynamics, which are supposed to stimulate closer racing next season.

To enhance airflow over the new 18-inch tyres, there are streamlined front and rear wings, a ground-effect floor, and front wheel defectors.

“The FIA regulations for 2022 will create the circumstances for closer racing, where the vehicles can move closer to each other,” Stefano Domenicali, F1 president and chief executive, said.

“Elegant, sleek, and built to go the distance.”

“We think it’s a wonderful race car,” said Ross Brawn, F1’s managing director of motorsport.

“We want the best drivers to win, but we also want the competition to be more closer. We want them to go head-to-head.”

While the changes are motivated by lofty concepts such as justice and entertainment, they will surely take some time for drivers to adjust to.

Jensen Button, a former world champion, believes the 2022 car will add some surprise to races.

On Sky Sports, Button stated, “Definitely harder to drive.”

“Driving with less downforce is usually more challenging. Those high-speed curves where they are now essentially bolted to the road… I believe there will be a couple more moments.

“And the cars these days are so tense that you can’t get a slide, whereas when it’s less about the downforce and more about the tyre, I think you’ll see some drifts here and there, which will be fun to watch.”

The F1 Motorsports team has been working on the new design for a long time and has ran over 7,500 simulations to get to this position.

It was created over the course of two years in sessions at Sauber’s wind tunnel in Switzerland, with 138 baseline configurations tested.

The gasoline also undergoes a minor alteration. Regulations in effect now. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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